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She may not be Jenna Jameson, but adult film star Kelly Madison is trying to make a name for herself outside the world of threesomes and butt plugs.

The owner of the supposedly popular PornFidelity DVD series appeared on E! Entertainment’s Chelsea Lately last night to discuss celebrity gossip, news and more.

The program is a half-hour, late-night show that takes an irreverent look at news and celebrity stories. Host Chelsea Handler interviewed both Madison and her husband Ryan about their marriage, their open relationship and their porn career together.

Chuy Bravo and Chelsea Handler

Readers have heard of Jenna Jameson and Kendra Jade, but Kelly Madison is trying to go from porn to mainstream, as well.

Before going on, Kelly said “we just plan on talking with Chelsea about our lifestyle and our relationship… I hope to delve into why most Hollywood couples can’t stay together and why adult couples seem to last longer. I think, with relationships in the adult industry, the cat is already out of the bag, no mystery.”

So that’s the key! If Kim Porter and Diddy has just shot adult movies together, they’d still be a couple.

Makes us wonder why Ray J and Kim Kardashian didn’t last.

Kelly continued: “We do shoots and work together, whereas Hollywood stars tend to go off by themselves and are forced to work with people they may or may not spark a romantic relationship with. Professionally and romantically, Ryan and I have an open relationship.”

Sounds like that means Madison – and her supposedly natural 34 FFs that make the late boobs of Anna Nicole Smith seem tiny – are available. For the occasional bedroom games, at least.

While Kelly enjoys talking about celebs in the news and offering her insight, she’s also a businesswoman. She handles the finances of her rapidly growing adult enterprise, and attributes that growth to the couple’s sexual and fiscal prowess.

“I try to promote and support the adult industry as much as possible,” Madison said. “It’s done well for me financially, and I have always been thankful for my success.”

Sounds like a different, often-nude Madison, Playboy’s Holly Madison, could learn a thing or two from Kelly.