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Whoopi Goldberg on The View? It looks like a done deal.

So Elisabeth Hasselbeck haters can finally relax. This is another liberal comedian that rarely hold anything back.

“As far as everyone at ABC is concerned, she has the job,” a network insider said. “They have been meeting with Kathy Griffin, Rosanne Barr, Ricki Lake and Gayle King. While Kathy was a strong contender, Whoopi has won everyone over.”

Another source says that Goldberg might as well have the gig already. And this seems like a solid enough choice to us, more logical than any weird Megan Fox tattoo at least.

“Whoopi has a radio show, she lives in NYC and she is an institution. She also is liberal and outspoken but not crazy like [Rosie O’Donnell] was. She will be a perfect fit as far as the ladies on The View are concerned,” an insider noted.

ABC executives are so excited about signing Whoopi that they even offered her what they refused to give Rosie — a year-to-year deal. “When Rosie finds out, she’ll be furious!” claims another source.

Goldberg, of course, is more than qualified. She’s hosted the Academy Awards four times and holds a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Tony Award. It’s quite the haul. The woman collects awards like Shar Jackson collects babies.