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Yikes! Someone call the paramedics and page Dr. Derek Shepherd, STAT! This girl is not equipped to handle such extreme physical trauma. Here, Kate Bosworth shoulders a heavy load after shopping at Bristol Farms in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Like skinny Nicole Richie, Bosworth’s weight is hovering in the high double digits, making an endeavor like this one – carrying a couple of full grocery bags – a recipe for disaster.

Kate Bosworth at the Gala
(Getty Images)

In the end, we’re glad the uber-thin Blue Crush actress made it out of there without sustaining serious harm. The reason? Gallant boyfriend James Rousseau (not pictured), who was also on hand to help carry that massive weight.

Let’s hear it for chivalry. Now if he could only hail a cab.

Hey, no one’s perfect. Better keep stepping up in key situations, though, James, or she’s going to turn to girl-on-girl action more often. Not that we’d complain…