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For those of you used to seeing Keira Knightley as an anorexic waif, well, don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Or maybe ever.

But for those accustomed to Keira as an old-fashioned, wholesome English lady, well, hope you’re sitting down for this piece of celebrity gossip.

She’s going to be showing more than her talent, if you know what we’re talkin’ about, in the upcoming film, Atonement.

Keira Knightley: A Snapshot
(Getty Images)

What we’re talking about is Keira Knightley nude.

And not just for the eyes of Rupert Friend.

According to the film’s director, Joe Wright, it was about damn time for the cute little Keira Knightley to blossom into womanhood.

“I wanted to cast Keira as a woman, as a sexual character. She’s only ever played girls before. There is a key scene with James McAvoy where she dives into a deep fountain to retrieve a broken vase… Keira emerges from the water and stands on the fountain’s edge. It was her idea to stand there for quite so long – but I quite liked it.”

Apparently there was even more skin filmed that we won’t see.

“There was another shot of her from behind but we left it out as it seemed a bit too rude,” said Wright.

Paris Hilton wouldn’t shy away from that. But that’s another story.

But don’t think showing skin on screen is tough for Keira Knightley, who’s also in talks to portray Princess Diana in a new movie.

The skinny starlet recently admitted she loves stripping naked in her movies and finds sex scenes “liberating.”

There’s more to come. She’s rumored to be in an on-screen threesome with Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys in the Dylan Thomas biopic “The Edge of Love.”

Yes. Potential girl-on-girl action with Sienna Miller. Pretty far removed from the likes of Elizabeth Swann, wouldn’t you say? We gotta respect that. Now if we could just get her to wolf down a few dozen hamburgers, we’d be all good.