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Remember when a nude Britney Spears posed while pregnant?

Well, it looks like Katie Price doesn’t recall this disturbing image.

If she did, the British model also known as “Jordan” might have avoided posing in her birthday, preggers suit alongside husband Peter Andre. It just isn’t sexy to be competing with Salma Hayek for biggest baby bump while baring it all for the world to see.

Katie Price, Son

We know certain English women such as Price, Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder don’t have much to offer the world aside from giant boobs, but come on. No one wants to see this.

We’d almost prefer if you talked more about your loose vagina, ok, Katie? But maybe try making news one day for something that’s actually not related to any of your private parts.

It’s a bold concept, of course. But even Kim Kardashian is trying to make herself known for something other than a sex tape these days. She’s focusing on bad singing instead.