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Eva Mendes nude? That’s not so unusual to come across on magazine covers.

But baring it all for a movie sex scene? That’s a tad different, the actress recently said.

“I wasn’t comfortable at all,” she told reporters Friday at the Cannes press conference for We Own the Night, which contains a steamy sex scene that would make Jennifer Toof blush — Eva’s first — with Joaquin Phoenix.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Image
Photo via Getty Images

“They were very sweet and they poured me a vodka and orange juice and then I was fine,” she said.  “I’m very professional and I don’t usually drink on the job but that morning I had a little vodka and OJ.”

Hey, that’s okay, Eva. Lindsay Lohan starts every morning, afternoon and evening with one of those.

Of the scene, Mendes said: “It was my first sex scene and thank God it was with [director] James Gray. Not that it was actually with James,” she said, correcting herself to much laughter. “He did it at the end of the shoot, so it was the last day and I was really, really comfortable with these clowns,” she said, referring to Phoenix and Gray.

Asked if it helped to think it was her character and not her up there, Mendes said that was difficult. After all, her giant boobs are still her large boobs.

The actress also described her co-star as “one of the greatest actors of my generation,” to which Phoenix rolled his eyes, probably because he figured Andy Samberg was more deserving of that description.