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The uber-skinny Nicole Richie says that, contrary to media reports, she was back in rehab this month and was just “on tour with [Joel Madden]” – her Good Charlotte boyfriend.

Richie went on On Air with Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM morning show Wednesday, saying she believes that because she was not photographed for over a week, reports surfaced she was in rehab for drug abuse and eating disorders.

That and the fact that she weighs 45 pounds.

Nicole Richie Book Cover


While she revealed that Paris Hilton is “scared” about going to jail, the anorexic waif is also nervous she may have to spend time in the slammer herself – stemming from her awesome, infamous wrong-side-of-the-road DUI arrest.

Although no decision has been made in the Nicole Richie case, she says, “I have to deal with any consequences that come my way.”

You think?

Nicole held a now infamous barbecue last weekend, where Mischa Barton was hospitalized for “an adverse reaction to prescription medication,” and which featured a pre-rehab appearance by Lindsay Lohan.

You know, just the kind of company a struggling “star” should keep.

Richie says she was not present for either Lindsay Lohan‘s “five-minute” visit, or for Mischa’s medical scare, because the hostess was at the supermarket “buying Sunny Delight.”

Suuuuuure thing. We’ve heard some ridiculous lies during a year deep in the trenches of the celebrity gossip business, but that one’s a whopper.

It may even rival claims that the Dustin Diamond sex tape was released accidentally, not on purpose by the cretinous former child star.

You can listen to clips of Nicole’s interview with Seacrest here.