Beyonce Wants Kids... In a Decade

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Beyonce wants to have kids.

So, should her hot piece of man candy prepare a crib in his crib? Not just yet.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Step Out

Asked in the June issue of France's Questions de femmes magazine if she is planning on popping out any little one, the singer says: "Yes, in 10 years! For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish."

A wedding, however, is not one of them. Don't look for Knowles and Jay-Z to walk down the aisle any time soon, as she relayed to InStyle in January:

"You can't rush a man into anything â€" whether it's a relationship, marriage or having children. When he's ready, he'll let you know."

Not to worry, though, folks: the couple is still going strong. They were spotted on May 22 at the Naomi Campbell's de Grisogono-sponsored birthday party at the exclusive Hotel du Cap near Cannes.

Questions de femmes also asks Beyonce what she likes to do when she isn't working. Does she like to pretend that she's a sea captain, like Britney Spears?

"I used to do some painting but I don't have time anymore â€" I have to start again," she says. "I like to watch the Discovery Channel and from time to time DVDs. It depends on how I feel."

Beyonce also insists that, although she always looks immaculate when she goes out, she's really low-maintenance. Unlike that overly made-up, Oompa Loompa-like singer, Aubrey O'Day.

"I actually don't like wearing make-up, I'd rather be natural," she says. "My hair is natural and when I go out I don't need to spend hours deciding what I will wear or which make-up to put on. I know exactly what I want."


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