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The MTV Movie Awards, which will be broadcast live Sunday, June 3, at 8 p.m., are always a cool event – but this year, you can help shape it like never before.

You’ll probably never get Lauren Conrad out of her clothes (sorry guys), but by taking part in an online Yahoo! poll (click here to vote), you can decide what designer dress the SoCal cutie puts on when she goes to the annual MTV gala.

The star of Laguna Beach and The Hills is currently deciding between dresses by Castle Starr, Samantha Treacy and Pamela Roland. Check out videos of Lauren Conrad trying on all three options and decide which she should go with!

Lauren, who’s in the process of developing her own fashion line as well as taking over reality TV, looks great in all three if you ask us. Therefore, we guarantee two things:

  1. The results of the poll will be a success.
  2. Jason Wahler won’t be in attendance.

The California sweetheart is proof that you don’t have to be a publicity crazing jerk (Spencer Pratt) or get fake boobs (Heidi Montag) in order to be happy.