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For Jason Wahler, life hasn’t been a day at the (Laguna) beach of late.

Just days after the embattled bad boy from MTV’s The Hills and Laguna Beach began a quest for redemption and checked into rehab, the Seattle Attorney’s Office charged him with assault, criminal trespass and underage drinking in connection with his April 8 arrest.

Jason Wahler 2013 photo
Photo via Getty Images for Star Magazine

It was his fourth arrest in as many states in less than a year. In Seattle, Wahler allegedly punched a hotel security guard in a brawl and passed out in the hall of a Marriott.

Jason Wahler, who needs to work on his behavior around authority figures, is looking at a 10-day jail sentence, a $4,500 fine and chemical dependency counseling if he’s convicted on all three misdemeanor counts.

He’s also facing a 60-day jail sentence in conjunction with his arrest in L.A. last year, but that was suspended in lieu of his rehab stint.

Further complications could ensue if Lauren Conrad‘s ex is also found to have violated the probation he received after pleading guilty to battery in March.

The 20-year-old reality TV star was arrested after punching a tow-truck driver and a Los Angeles Department of Transportation worker whose vehicles were blocking his way on Wilshire Boulevard.

According to police, Wahler and his passenger at the time, model Kristin DeLuca, hurled racial epithets at the two men, both of whom are black.

Kristin DeLuca was slapped with two years probation and a suspended 120-day jail sentence for her role in the incident.

On the night of his Seattle meltdown last month, according to local police, Wahler was engaging in a drunken scuffle with two people in the lobby of the Waterfront Marriott Hotel at about 12:30 a.m. when a security guard approached to warn them to settle down or get out.

The guard told police that Wahler pushed him in the chest and punched him in the mouth when he tried to intervene, and that a third party had to wrestle with the former Laguna Beach bum to restrain him.

Wahler left the hotel briefly but soon returned, after which officers found him passed out on the third floor, reeking of booze.

Wahler also allegedly unleashed a flurry of racial, homophobic and, um, financial slurs. He called one of the cops a “poor f–k,” among other things) before he was taken into custody at King County Jail.

He was released about nine hours later after posting $1,140 bail.

And while Wahler is currently in rehab, the jackass also has a court date on May 23 in Greenville, N.C., on charges of underage drinking and resisting a public officer, stemming from his arrest during a nightclub raid in March.

Last but not least, making him a man for all seasons, J-Wahl was arrested during the wee hours of September 1 in New York for possessing an illegal substance, bribery, disorderly conduct and — big shock here resisting arrest.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from his downward spiral, it’s that some dudes just peak in high school. Others, such as Wahler’s pal Stephen Colletti, go on to bigger and better things, yet still date high school chicks.