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While men everywhere scour the Internet for photos of Antonella Barba nude (and Blake Lewis possibly basks in the glow of the real deal), a former American Idol contestant is trying to make a name for herself outside of the infamous blow job queen.

Remember Amanda Coluccio?

She was the New Jersey friend of Barba, the gal who was voted off Idol before the finals and who some have even accused of leaking those Antonella sex photos out of jealousy. How has Coluccio responded to this snub and these accusations?

By recording music that isn’t half bad. On her MySpace page, the singer has released a song called “Push N Touch.” It’s sexy, it’s raw, it’s to the point.

It’s the sort of anthem Antonella Barba would be proud of.

But we’ve gotta hand it to Coluccio. While other booted contestants have posed nude on their MySpace accounts (we’re looking at you, Alaina Alexander) in order to garner attention, this crooner has actually put out a decent song. It’s nothing that Greg Laswell would write, but we’d listen to it more than once.

Meanwhile, here’s to hoping that Haley Scarnato combines both Coluccio’s and Alexander’s moves: put out a new song while getting naked.