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Just a few useful things you might want to know about Halle Berry, but probably didn’t (thanks to Us Weekly for this fun fact sheet), as well as some hot, topless pics of the Oscar winner from Esquire magazine. Just because.

1) Way back in the day, she didn’t bathe for 10 days!

Yes. To play a crack addict in Jungle Fever, Halle Berry didn’t brush her teeth or comb her hair for a week and a half. In other words, you could say she tried her best to impersonate Pete Doherty.

Halle Berry: Pregnant on the Red Carpet?
(Getty Images)

2) She hit on JT!

After splitting with Eric Benét in 2003, she called Justin Timberlake. He never phoned back. Hey, players play. “Why can you be so fine and not 35?” she gushed about Justin to Access Hollywood.

3) She feels empathy for Britney Spears!

Berry is going bald for the dramedy Nappily Ever After. Which conjures up images of another hot Cue Ball. “I thought, Wow, she beat me to it!” Berry jokes. “But I feel sad for Britney. I feel sorry for Britney.”

THG NOTE: So does Timbaland.

4) She’s not against plastic surgery!

“Never say never,” she has said. “I hope I will evolve as a person who realizes it’s not really about my physical appearance.”

THG NOTE: Way to set example for impressionable youngans like Ashlee Simpson.

5) She had a spat with Charlize Theron!

After ripping on Berry’s post-Oscar movie-role choices to The New Yorker, Theron (who denied the statements) sent Berry apology flowers. Berry later said, “I don’t really put much weight on what other people think of me.”

Good for her. Anyway, enjoy these hot Halle Berry pics.