Paris Hilton Boobs: Where Did Those Come From?

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Call Heidi Montag anything you'd like to (seriously, go ahead) - but you've gotta at least label the star of The Hills as honest. She's been nothing but open about her recent boob job.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton can certainly relate to the skanky side of Heidi, but the spoiled snob has yet to admit to any enhanced chest work. Based on the photos here, though, it's hard to believe the heiress hasn't boosted her bust size.


These puppies make the Kellie Pickler breast changes look tiny by comparison.

And that's okay. We just want an admission. After all, if Paris Hilton's pussy can be honest about how it's feeling, can't her boobs speak up?

We'll still admire them. As Kristine Lefebvre is proving, you can be both nude and respected at the same time. Then again, that train passed by Hilton's station a long time ago.


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