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The most recent man in Britney Spears‘ life says her decision to check into rehab came as a shock to him. But he supports her, which is cool.

“I was definitely surprised that she went into rehab,” “actor” and “model” Isaac Cohen told People Friday at a hot party for Cubavera Sportswear at California’s Glendale Galleria Macy’s.

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“I didn’t feel it had to come to [her checking into rehab], but you know, if that’s what it takes and if that’s what she needs.”

First, Jason Alexander weighed in, Now it’s Cohen, 25, who hasn’t spoken to Spears in a month, since he divulged intimate details about their short-lived relationship to Britain’s News of the World. Don’t expect her to be calling, either.

We understand the desire to get paid big bucks, but if a true gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, what does that make Cohen? This supposedly nice guy told a newspaper details of repeatedly banging a depressed Britney senseless as she was still reeling from her split with Kevin Federline.

Little Jayden James will no doubt love reading that account someday in the family scrapbook. Still, Cohen thinks Britney made a smart choice by checking herself into rehab for treatment.

“It’s the best thing for her, her children,” he said. “For everyone around her, actually. She’s a strong girl and I really feel that she’ll be okay.”

Spears and Cohen were first spotted together in January, boating off Marina del Rey.

They broke up a month later in a split his rep called “very amicable.”

But Cohen still thinks about Spears, and he told People he wants her to know one thing: “You and your family are in my prayers.”

Sure thing, Ike. Advice to Britney – if you’re looking for someone to save you, forget about this clown. Give Timbaland a call.