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At one point in her career, Tara Reid could’ve been hosting one of the more prestigious New Year’s Eve parties in the country. Something in Times Square or maybe Hyde nightclub.

Okay, that’s not true.

But after American Pie, you’d have thought the actress would’ve had a chance to be more important than the random celebrity chosen to show up at a Marrioti in Chicago for the holiday. What do we blame for her downfall? Terrible acting or an awful boob job?

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Ironically, Reid’s ex-boyfriend, Carson Daly, will be hosting the festivities in New York City once again.

Tara’s stock has fallen almost as quickly as that of J.R. Rotem. Maybe they can be each other’s dates for the evening.

We also hear that fellow American Pie star, Natasha Lyonne, could use some company, Tara. For once in your life, though, don’t act like a dog that night. It could get awkward.