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While they’re certainly stealing everyone’s thunder, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline aren’t the only celebrity couple going through an ugly divorce.

And no, Sara Evans and Craig Schelske aren’t the celebrity couple we’re talking about, either — although their split also involved some of the same issues.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, faced each other in court for the first time in their divorce case on Wednesday.

Four months after a sex scandal shattered their marriage, the couple reached an agreement regarding his visitation of their children, Jack, 11 and Sailor, 8, but the spouses never spoke or even glanced in the other’s direction during the two-hour meeting in Suffolk County Supreme Court on Long Island, N.Y.

Cook’s attorney, Norman Sheresky, said that they have reached a temporary resolution of visitation through February, and that everyone was happy with that agreement.

Brinkley, 52, and Cook, 47, also agreed to a judicial order requiring them not to make disparaging remarks about the other or discuss the divorce in front of their children. Which must be hard for Brinkley, seeing as the slimebag had sex with his teenage secretary, Diana Bianchi. But good for her for taking the high road for the good of the kids.

Since announcing their split on 11 July, Brinkley has not spoken publicly about Cook’s affair with his then 18-year-old assistant, which ended their 10-year marriage. Her best defense has been an unwaveringly positive attitude.

She’s been content moving on with life, spending time with her two young kids, as well as daughter Alexa Ray Joel, whose father is Brinkley’s other ex-husband, Billy Joel.

“It’s really too early to say they’ve reached any kind of resolution. They’re hoping to reach a resolution that spares the children and themselves any further anguish,” Sheresky said