Sara Evans and Craig Schelske Make Nice

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Or, you know, as nice as two people that have accused each other of having affairs and being a tad insane can make.

Sara Evans and her possibly porn addicted husband showed up in a Nashville court this week to hash out some of the terms of their nasty split.

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When asked if he still loved Evans, Craig Schelske replied, "Yes, I do." When Evans was asked if she shared the same feeling, the country diva said nothing. Ouch.

Inside the courtroom, the former love bunnies agreed not to air their dirty laundry in the press again (to our dismay). They also agreed to take psychological exams, which could become a factor in the custody case over the couple's three children.

Meanwhile, the outpouring of affection agreements continued. Evans and Schelske agreed not to physically or verbally abuse each other, while also staying away from "excessive" alcohol consumption. Somewhere, Lindsay Lohan was heard shouting: "Yay, more for me!"

Finally, Schelske will find a new place to live (maybe with Alison Clinton?) and Evans will have primary custody of their kids.

It sounds like the temporary end to a feud for the ages. We can only hope Anna Nicole Smith vs. the Bahamas produces equally heated points and counter points.


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