Sienna Miller, Co-Star Share a Touching Moment

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It's been a hard couple of weeks for Sienna Miller, who has been openly ogled by drooling passers-by, confronted by cops for acting like a diva in a local bar, hated by her hometown for terming it "Sh!ttsburgh," and laughed at by millions for her idiotic remarks about humans being f*%king animals when it comes to relationships, and so on down the line.

Here, she enjoys a tender moment with co-star Jon Foster on the set of her latest movie, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Foster has apparently learned a lesson from our man in London and refrains from checking out Miller's back side until no cameras are present. Meanwhile, T.H. Gossip takes a very, very extended look at Sienna's ample front.

Jude Law? Rolling in his grave.

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