Gwen Stefani Sheds Baby Weight, Lives to Tell About It

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Stars have babies. Stars lose weight. Us Magazine reports on the process. It's the circle of celebrity child birth.

Britney Spears recently relayed her magical plan of eating less and exercising more to shed her Sutton Pierce (or Jayden James?) pounds to the publication.

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Most recently, Gwen Stefani called in to On the Air With Ryan Seacrest on L.A.'s 102.7 KIIS FM on Monday morning to launch her new single "Wind It Up."

The new mom, who gave birth five months ago to Kingston with husband Gavin Rossdale, also weighed in on getting back her post-baby bod. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Gwen Stefani: "The last tour for me was really challenging being that I was pregnant. And if you've ever been pregnant you know that it totally consumes you, so it was really ... I'm excited to go out there and have the baby on the outside!"
Ryan Seacrest: "Well I was gonna say, it's probably gonna be equally as challenging but in a different way because you have to bring Kingston along. So cute."

GS: "He's the greatest thing in the world, it's gonna be so much fun."
RS: "I like his fauxhawk."

GS: "Thank you, yeah ... He finally has enough hair to do something with it so, I was trying to do, you know, doing what I can with it. And his dad doesn't like the side part, he's not really into that, so I was trying to give him some cooler looks."
RS: "You're such a natural the way you hold him and everything."

GS: "Oh thank you. You know, there was no transition, it was just like, 'Where were you?' Like so great."
RS: "And who dresses Kingston?"

GS: "Both of us. But, this morning his dad dressed him. He has on a Bob Marley onesie and some like Comme des Garcons slacks or something, I don't know. He looks really cute."
RS: "It looks like you're keeping in shape though."

GS: "Let's just talk about how hard it's been ... That has been really hard trying to get rid of that baby, that whew! That was a big one but, it's almost down, it's almost gone."
RS: Are you dieting or just exercising?

GS: "You have to be healthy. I've just been eating healthy. I cheat every day at least once a day."
RS: "Can you drink beer yet?"

GS: "No, no not really."
RS: "You're not a beer drinker?"

GS: "I don't really drink a lot of beer anyway, it's not my thing. I don't come home and have, like, a six pack or anything." [laughs]

** THG NOTE: We hope Keith Urban one day feels the same way


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