CSI Creator: LL Cool J is The Man

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We probably should trust CSI creator, Anthony Zuiker. He has created the top-rated show on TV ... but he's also now cast Kevin Federline in it.

Hopefully, though, Zuiker is trying to redeem himself by working on a project with LL Cool J, who - as everyone knows - the ladies love. The pair has joined foreces to develop "The Man," a CBS drama in which the veteran rapper-actor will play a cop with a busy domestic life.

LL Cool J at the Grammys

Rumor has it they considered 50 Cent for the role, but no one would actually believe that musician could be on the right side of the law.

In the upcoming series, LL would be an undercover LAPD officer who spends the nights running sting operations to break criminal rings, and the days raising his three adopted kids - an abused boy with an aggression problem, a former streetwalker girl he put in community college and a skateboarder boy who is a recovering drug addict.

"He is the only honest man on the wrong side of the law," said Zuiker, the one-time Las Vegas tram operator.

Last year, LL Cool J guest starred on an episode of House. He's one of the few rappers that actually can act. And doesn't get arrested every other week.

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