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Sadly, we don’t have a picture of Will Farrell kissing another man. But we do have the account of such action from the very man who was smooched.

“Within two minutes Will Ferrell has his tongue stuck halfway down my throat,” says “Da Ali G Show” star Sacha Baron Cohen about his first day of shooting for Talladega Nights.

What, exactly, would Ferrell’s pregnant wife say about that?

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The film, which stars Cohen as a gay French race car driver, has many scenes of improvisation. But what about when the cameras weren’t rolling?

Cohen joked (or did he?) that Ferrell’s come-ons didn’t end on set:

“Later on that night I get a knock on the door, I hear the words ‘Room service,’ open it up, it’s Will Ferrell, stinking of booze, only with his underpants on.”

That’s just awkward. A a bit alluring.

Sacha, whose fianceé is Wedding Crashers actress Isla Fisher, says his first same-sex lip-lock took place during the filming of this movie and that he prefers Andy Richter’s lips to those of Ferrell.

“If you close your eyes you can imagine that he’s a woman ’cause he’s got quite a good chest on him and not much down below,” says Cohen of Richter.

Low blow. Literally. Cohen may wish to confer with Ron Jeremy about what actually constitutes a female.