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Ahhhh …. Kelly Clarkson!

Don’t expect to see Gwen Stefani at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight – but if she decides NOT to boycott the event at the last minute, you might hear her scream one of the famous 40-Year Old Virgin quotes, made known by Steve Carell.

Why would Gavin’s more beautiful half attend not attend the festivites? Reportedly, she’s still angry by how she was treated last year.

Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson Throwback

“She had a ton of nominations and was under the impression she would be taking home at least one award,” an insider said. “But every award, except that lame best-dressed award, went to Kelly Clarkson, and every time Kelly won, the camera went straight to Gwen. She felt set up.”

The Gossip isn’t one to get in the way of a good catfight, but we hope Stefani appreciated being named Best Dressed more than this quote makes it sound like. After all, that’s something not even Paula Abdul could come close to.

While Stefani’s rep declined comment, rumor also has it that Gwen thought she’d be closing the show. Who did that honor go to instead? Clarkson.