Victoria Beckham in a Bind: Spice Girls or Baby Girls?

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Decisons, decisions ...

Just because you're married to the most famous soccer player in England doesn't mean the only thing on your mind is red cards and penalty kicks. Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice; aka Mrs. David Beckham) reportedly has a difficult choice to make now that her husband has stepped down as British team captain:

Posh Rocks London

Relaunch her career by reforming the Spice Girls or expand her family.

It's a decision we all have to make at one time or another. As a friend of Victoria's told Now magazine, regarding a Spice Girls reunion:

"It's now or never for her as she thinks the timing is perfect. Mel C appears to be the only sticking point at the moment, but all the other girls realize this could be a terrific boost for them now - not to mention the money they could make."

This same source said Beckham wants to have another kid - to join her current crop of three - if that whole bad singing thing doesn't work out.

As much as we all enjoy a good Spice Girls joke (do you know how many it takes to screw in a light bulb?), various "performers," such as Paris Hilton," basically owe their "career" to these talentless less. With that in mind, we can only hope and pray they never return to the airways again.


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