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Suri Cruise was a much anticipated baby, so when no pictures of her surfaced, questions were bound to be asked. Immediately after Suri’s birth in April, it was proclaimed that she is “extremely beautiful, has lots of dark hair and big blue eyes” and that proud father Tom Cruise was going to show pictures of his child with Katie Holmes (below) on the May 12 episode of Ellen.

But there have been no pics.

Some have speculated that Tom wanted more money than the $3 million he was reportedly offered for the rights to Suri pics. Brangelina reportedly got a cool $4M for whoring out Shiloh, and Tom wanted to be in that league or he wasn’t about to play ball. Or so the theory goes.

Tom Cruise in 2015
(Getty Images)

But now, a source close to Cruise offers a new theory: that the lack of pictures is simply another by-product of the star’s insane Scientology beliefs.

“Tom insists he’ll do it in his own time. He won’t be bullied into showing his world his precious angel. Tom wants to obey Scientology rules about keeping babies out of the public eye,” an alleged friend of Cruise’s told Grazia magazine.

According to Scientology doctrine, parents should avoid taking newborn babies out unless absolutely necessary. As Cruise is an avid follower of the sect, perhaps he is merely adhering to his beliefs and is not the money-grubbing lunatic we thought he was. Well, at least not the money-grubbing part.

Cruise’s friend did not comment on whether Scientology permits naked, pregnant pictures of the baby’s mother to be released to the public (please see a very interesting, recent Britney Spears nude photo spread), but that’s neither here nor there.