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Finally, someplace where Kevin Federline feels wanted. When, or if, Britney lets the Great White Joke out of the basement, he can head over the VH1.

Yes, Ken Mok, the executive producer of America’s Top Model, will be bringing us Ego Trip Presents the White Rapper Show, a reality series that meant to gather a dozen Eminem wanna-bes under one roof in the South Bronx as they pursue their dreams of hip-hop fame.

The series will premiere in early 2007 and be hosted by white rap legend Michael “MC Serch” Berrin. Will Mok ask America’s Top Model judge/old hag, Janice Dickinson, to be involved? If so, what will transpire between her and Britney’s man/waste of human organs?

Eminem AA Chip

Tune in and find out!