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Donald Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. went big game hunting in Africa recently. Here are some surprising photos from that trip.

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The murder of exotic wildlife by sport hunters serves no purpose but to satiate the hunter's bloodlust.
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Sorry, I was cut off before I finished: Continued: The Trump family makes my want to vomit and they give the American heritage of hunting a really bad name. The Trump family can come to North Dakota and hunt with me. I will be sure to loose them in the farthest, most isolated areas of the badlands in mid winter and see if they can survive on their own. By the looks of their photos, you would think that they were invincible. I would like to put them to the REAL test, if they dare. No need to bring your money here Trump family. It will not buy you the right to survive but it may come in handy when you need to light a fire to warm your cold hearted bodies.


Dumbass fagets with money think they can do whatever they want someone should tie them up and shoot there asses


Wow. What big men. It does beg the question - what is so puny about them that they are trying to impress with these repugnant acts. Flipping Philistines. Take your money and your disgusting values and don't come back to Africa. And @ladyb - if the likes of this are in heaven, I'd rather go to the other place thank you! Just because this was legal does not make it moral.


this is absolutley discusting!
I guess if your a Trump you can just do what ever the bleep you want...
People stop watching his show, stop buying Trump products, rant about this all over facebook, twitter...
killing animals in Africa big men...


Know one should kill an elephant. They are protected because there are not many left. I am disgusted and was a fan of their show. Now, I am done watching it. Just absolutely unintelligent to be so selfish!! You don't deserve anyone's admiration and you should be fined for killing animals that thousands of people fight to protect!!! I am ashamed that I ever was a fan.


Reading in our papers today the Zimbabwean conservationists are investigating the hunting spree by the Trump brothers. They are probing if licence and trophy fees were paid and if the SA firm that organised the safari had been cleared to operate in the country. If found to have breached hunting laws, organisers and hunters can face imprisonment or a fine. I live in hope.


These poor animals were hunted in a very remote region near Vic Falls. The conservationist said there were no villages to enjoy the meat. Trump jnr said the villages were happy for the meat. Not TRUE. I understand hunting and conservation, elephants live in family units and mourn like humans when one is shot and killed. The pictures were appauling to say the least, hacking off the tail and being thrilled about it. Big man, the wheel turns.......


I feel the same way as everyone else - sick. A horrible feeling in my gut. What was worse is when they rested the guns on the (oxen, maybe?) horns. What is the point to kill these beautiful animals?

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