Val Kilmer is formerly Batman; now just a random actor. He's gained a great deal of weight over the years.

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A look at the cast of the classic film Top Gun then and now reveals just how little some of the stars have changed since their 1986 heyday.

Some being the operative word here. A quarter century can take a toll.

Tom Cruise looks barely older than when Maverick uttered the classic Top Gun quotes we know and love. His rival the Iceman? Well ...

Maybe Scientology is onto something. That's all we'll say. Scroll down:

Top Gun Peeps

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Joanne Whalley, Val Kilmer's ex-wife, claims in court documents that the actor stiffed her on child support payments for their two kids. Not cool.

Their marriage ended in 1996, and their kids are now 19 and 16. At the time of the divorce, Val agreed to pay $27,500 a month in child support.

But according to court documents filed in New Mexico, Whalley claims he's now behind on payments. Shedoesn't specify how much Kilmer owes.

Val K

She's going after his property in order to get what she claims she's owed, establishing a lien on Kilmer's property to force the actor to pay up.

This isn't the first time. Court documents show Joanne got a lien on Val's stuff in 2007 after he allegedly stiffed her on child support back then.

Val eventually rectified that situation and the lien was removed in 2008. No response from the actor's camp regarding the current allegations.


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Val Kilmer is apparently not a fan of paying taxes.

Not that anyone is, but most of us still actually do it.

Val K

The actor owes nearly $500,000 in federal taxes, according to reports. A lien has been placed on his property, including a New Mexico ranch he's trying to sell.

The IRS filed the lien in Santa Fe for an assessment balance of $498,165 for 2008 income taxes. Val is currently asking $18.5 million for the property.

Wesley Snipes was recently sent to prison for tax evasion. Val Kilmer isn't headed down that road yet, but liens on one's property are a nice first step.

How hard is it to pay taxes, seriously. Don't studios withhold a portion of his income? It's not like he's broke. Dude's clearly eating well. Just saying.

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Sometimes, Val Kilmer looks like a walrus.

Other times, he looks like a desperate actor that wants to go to bed with every co-star. None more than the beauty is starred alongside in The Missing, Cate Blanchett

Val K

Kilmer was asked by Elle magazine what woman he most wanted on his speed dial and he didn't hesitate to name Blanchett. In fact, he confessed he was so smitten with the Aussie star that when they worked together that he often was left speechless.

"I not only forgot my dialogue in the scene, I forgot that I was acting, I forgot I was on a movie set, and I just stood there staring at her," Val said.

We assume this also means Kilmer has a crush on Heather Mills, due to her obvious similarities to Cate.

For some reason, the actor was also asked whether he would prefer to sleep with Oprah Winfrey or Nicole Richie. Kilmer replied:

"Oprah, any day of the week. Sorry, Nicole."

Finally, when Elle asked Kilmer which of his ex-girlfriends he would most fear being a witness against him, Kilmer named Ellen Barkin. Why the Ocean's 13 co-star?

"Hell hath no fury …" the walrus-lookalike said.

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Val K Val Kilmer is formerly Batman; now just a random actor. He's gained a great deal of weight over the years. More »
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