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Everyone poses in Playboy for a different reason.

Some get pressured into it by their mother (hello, Kim Kardashian), some are banging the owner (hi, Holly Madison) and some don't exactly have the talent to do much else (no offense, Denise Richards).

But the following nine stars are yet to bare their full birthdays suit for the men's magazine - and we think it's time they do so!

Because we wanna see their goods? In some cases. But in others, we sincerely think that stripping down will be good for their careers and/or their self-esteem.

So for our sake and for their sake, here's a look at some actresses, models and reality stars who should have Hugh Hefner on speed dial:

9 Stars Who Should Bare It All in Playboy
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty good here, don't get us wrong. But she has no major role lined up and could give her career a major boost by just baring it all.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty good here, don't get us wrong. But she has no major role lined up and could give her career a major boost by just baring it all.

Kourtney Kardashian

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Let's face it, Kourtney Kardashian is the best looking sister. She could leap frog Kim with a Playboy spread.

Kate Upton

3. Kate Upton

Simply put, it would be the best-selling issue in Playboy history. How could Kate Upton turn that down?

Bethenny Frankel

4. Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is all about being a strong independent woman. So what better way to prove you still have it at age 43?

Clare Crawley

5. Clare Crawley

SPOILER ALERT: Clare Crawley does not win Juan Pablo's heart on the Bachelor. She has to remain relevant somehow, doesn't she?

Demi Moore

6. Demi Moore

Oh yeah, Ashton?!? You wanna marry a young hottie? Don't forget what you're leaving behind!

Ashley Greene

7. Ashley Greene

Her career has stalled since The Twiligh Saga concluded. This would get back on (naked!) track.

Tatiana Neves

8. Tatiana Neves

See The Girl Who Banged Justin Bieber Naked? Yeah. We have a feeling that will move some copies.

Tricia Helfer

9. Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer has tried to jumpstart her career many times since Battlestar Galactica ended. She should just get naked.

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Tati Neves, the girl who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in Brazil, insists that she's not a stripper, and she may be correct ... but she is a porn star, apparently.

HotMovies (dot) com says they shot XXX video of Tati Neves a few years ago, and surprise surprise, plan to release it this week, given her new popularity.

Tati Neves: Porn Star!

The video is described by TMZ as "run-of-the-mill porn with a slight Brazilian influence." Tati is doin' her thing (and some lucky guy) on a soccer field.


To refresh your memory, Tati filmed Justin Bieber asleep in Brazil after a wild night out. She claims she sent the video to a friend, who leaked it online.

Bieber sources are adamant the singer never touched Tati, while Neves herself says the boned, and that the star is well-endowed and good in bed.

Yeah, we know. Not sure what to make of that claim, either.

Hard as those two claims may be for some people to believe ... it's highly unlikely he "never touched" her, and he may want to change his story now.

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Tati Neves, the Brazilian model and bodybuilder who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in bed last week, now says she definitely did have sex with him.

He was up to the task, too - equipment-wise and performance-wise.

  • Tati Neves Bikini Photo
  • Justin Bieber Sings for Fans

The 27-year-old previously played coy regarding her hookup with Justin, which reportedly upset Selena Gomez whether they exchanged bodily fluids or not.

In a new interview, however, she's no longer beating around the bush when it comes to her bush and Bieber beating ... whatever, you get the idea.

"Take it from me, he's well endowed, and very good in bed," Neves tells the Sun. "A man must know what to do to make me happy. Justin did all that and more."

Justin Bieber. He aims to please ... in more ways than one!

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Selena Gomez is reportedly far from pleased with Justin Bieber's Brazilian brothel visit and Tati Neves' much-publicized hookup with the visiting pop star.

Neves, 26, is the chick that filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in a hotel room after he went to the brothel. She also said he's good in bed and well equipped.

She's not the prostitute who banged him, allegedly. That's someone else. As you can see, he's really getting around these days. And Selena's pissed.

Gomez “still has feelings for Justin” and doesn’t want to know what he’s doing behind closed doors, whether he's actually boning hookers or not.

No one knows whether intercourse occurred with one or more women in Brazil, but Bieber's wild ways, as evidenced there, are becoming the norm.

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Justin Bieber recently completed a portion of his "Believe" tour in Brazil.

But it's sounding more and more like the singer did a lot more than sing during this leg of his concert series... if you know what we mean!

After a prostitute came out and said she was paid $500 to have super delicious sex with Bieber, Tatiana Neves has now gone on record with the sexy details of her evening alone with the artist.

Neves is the 26-year old Brazilian who filmed Bieber sleeping the morning after she and others partied with him at a private villa.

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Tatiana Neves Barbosa is not a prostitute. Let's get that out of the way up front.

But this 26-year old has shot to Internet fame as the woman behind the camera in a video of Justin Bieber sleeping.

It was shot on last Friday night after Bieber brought a handful of guests back to his villa and partied the night away and it has already been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube.

Tatiana, a part-time actress and bodybuilder, filmed Bieber catching some ZZZZs for approximately 15 seconds and is reportedly "very upset" the video leaked online.

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