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Shae Bradley of Buckwild quasi-fame has been made an offer regarding her hillbilly sex tape that she can (and will) refuse ... but it's still pretty funny.

Shae Bradley Buckwild Pic

The reality star is not happy that ex-boyfriend Jesse J is trying to shop around his Shae Bradley sex tape - in which the duo get it on trailer park style.

Regrets or no regrets, YouPorn (who is also in negotiations for the Farrah Abraham sex tape) wants to give her $50,000 in cash today if she'll sign off.

To sweeten the deal, they even offered to throw in a year's supply of cigarettes. Not just the crappy brands either - any premium kind she wants!

And those are expensive nowadays!

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Shae Bradley may have beef with Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, but she's paying tribute to Farrah Abraham with her very own "trailer park" sex tape.

Buckwild star Shae and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jesse J made a sex tape of their own, though they did this before the show went into production.

  • Shae Bradley Pic
  • Jesse Johnson on Buckwild

The producers knew about the tape going in, according to TMZ, and were cool about it, but told Shae and Jesse to please keep their mouths shut.

Now that MTV canceled Buckwild, it's being shopped around.

Unlike the Farrah Abraham porn, it's unclear if Shae and Jesse are behind the possible sale of the video, or frankly if they even want it to go public.

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Buckwild's Shae Bradley lamented her show's demise yesterday, slamming MTV for keeping Teen Mom 2 on the air and linking to Jenelle Evans mug shots.

  • Shae Bradley Photo
  • Jenelle Evans Mugshots

When Shae found out Buckwild was canceled by MTV, she immediately wondered why the network keeps other, similarly controversial shows going.

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans saw this and lashed out, at which point Shae posted the above collage and $h!t got even more real on Twitter.

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