Rebecca Black shot to stardom in March of 2011 by releasing a song titled "Friday." It quickly earned millions of hits on YouTube, mostly...

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Rebecca Black's debut music video "Friday" made the then-13-year-old singer an Internet legend for all the wrong reasons.

The song was bad. Really bad. So bad, in fact, that it currently has over 1.3 million "dislikes" on YouTube.

Fortunately, Rebecca - who's now 16 - has a sense of humor about being on the receiving end of all the hate the Internet has to offer and she recently made a video sharing some of the funniest burns from her videos' comment boards:

"WOW...this sucks," reads one comment, prompting Rebecca to respond truthfully, " did suck."

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Oops, she's done it again.

The 16-year old viral star has released a follow-up to her 2011 hit single "Friday," one that picks up exactly where that track left off. What is it titled?

"Saturday," of course.

In the official video for the song, Black and her friends are cleaning up after an evening spent partying (yeah!), dealing with tossed-away solo cups, passed-out pals and a poker set.

Then… they hit the beach and throw yet another shindig!

Watch now, take note of the profound lyrics (This Saturday we gonna do it bigger than we ever have before, I don’t want this Saturday to end!) and wonder: Were the Mayans only off by one year?

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Two and half years after Rebecca Black unveiled her viral weekend anthem "Friday," she's shared another gem with us: Herself watching it and reacting.

The reason for the occasion? It was Black Friday, after all.

"This could either be the best decision of my life or the worst," Rebecca says in the intro, saying that she considers the day after Thanksgiving particularly special.

"I thought it was completely fitting... that it would go back and watch 'Friday' again and just give a few comments," she said, and so she did. Check it out:

Rebecca Black revealed a few behind-the-scene secrets from the original "Friday" video, like the fact that the family shown in the beginning is her actual family.

Nothing will compare to the original, though. Nothing.

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Rebecca Black is turning heads along with fellow singer Jon D. for an acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" that hit YouTube on Friday (obviously).

It doesn't suck as hard as you'd think for a Rebecca Black song, either!

Seriously, the harmonizing between Becks and Jon is rather beautiful at times (we're not being sarcastic), making Miley's risque hit almost melodious:

If you've seen the Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" music video, you know it's all about Twerking, strip clubs, cocaine, getting it in ... any taboo you can think of.

Black, 16, clearly modified the lyrics to make it more of a PG version.

If nothing else, you've got to hand it to Rebecca for perseverance. Given the bullying she endured over "Friday," it's amazing she's still producing music.

Much-improved music, no less. Don't you agree?

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Did you miss her?

Rebecca Black - who rose to an absurd level of fame with the terrible song "Friday" and then briefly returned in November with "In Your Words" - is back with a new track.

Or a cover of an old track, to be more accurate.

The teenager is covering Rihanna in the following video, teaming up with another YouTube musician named Dave Days on a version of "Stay."

Is it good? No. Is it an improvement over Black's previous material? Sort of! Judge for yourself now:

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It's not just Black Friday, people. It's Rebecca Black Friday!

The young singer, who rose to fame with the polarizing track "Friday," has returned with a new single.

Titled "In Your Words," the song moves away from partying it up with friends and focuses instead of the one emotion that bonds all human beings as one: love.

Crooning about a break-up, Black belts out that she "moving on/Cause you set me free/And I'm trying to be as much of myself as if you were here with me..."

It's emotional stuff. Listen now:

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For Rebecca Black, it will always be "Friday."

The 15-year old tells Billboard Magazine that she has no plans on slowing down her music career any time soon. In fact, she's nearly finished recording her debut album, a CD whose influences include Rihanna and The Black Keys.

Will any of those artists be collaborating with Black?

Rebecca Black at Teen Choice Awards

No, says the artist: "Since it's my first album, we're really just starting off and getting the base but maybe next time."

And, yes, Rebecca plans for there to be a next time. And a time after that. And a time after that. Asked if fans can expect more videos in the future, Black didn't hesitate, replying:

"For sure. Until the day I die. Until the day I die."

Fortunately, death threats against the singer have passed. So let's all hope that day doesn't arrive any time soon.


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Follow along, THG readers:

Patrice Wilson is the man who wrote "Friday," the infamous single that put Rebecca Black on the musical map. And, as you might imagine, he took a lot of flak for penning such a ridiculous anthem.

Now, in response to the feedback, Wilson has come out with his very own music video for some single titled "H.A.P.P.Y."

"I figured I might as well kind of tell the story of what happened,” says Wilson. “When people see that it’s not getting to you, then maybe they can start liking you. With all the hate, I just wanted to make something that would make people smile.”

That's what Wilson attempts to do here, kicking off the video by crying in front of a fake news report. Watch, react now and then listen to Black's new track.

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Rebecca Black is officially back on the music scene.

The young singer, most famous for the catchy/awful tune "Friday," unveiled her latest track yesterday: "Sing It." She then quickly followed up the online release of its audio with the official music video.

Rebecca Black Single Art

"It's totally weird to me," Black told Kristina Guerrero of E! News about her rise to fame. "Two years ago, I was dreaming. I wouldn't even dare to dream of something like this... it's weird, but great!"

Among the major names that have come out to support Black since she struck it big? The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.


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It may not be Friday, but Rebecca Black has come out with a new single.

The controversial teenager - best known for what many consider to the worst track in the history of recorded music - will be all over the news again this week because her latest song, "Sing It," gets released tomorrow on iTunes.

That familiar voice/It speaks to me/Tells me everything is gonna be ok/It's meant to, meant to be... Sun is out/ And the darkness fades/Got my headphones on and I'm under/In a dream but I'm wide awake, sings Black over the course of verses that actually don NOT sound overly auto-tuned.

What do you think of "Sing It?" Listen now and decide:


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