Raffaello Follieri was the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway until June 2008, when the beautiful actress dumped his shady ass. It was a long...

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Raffaello Follieri, who first came to celebrity gossip prominence by being served by Anne Hathaway on a yacht, has served his time in federal prison for fraud.

Hathaway's infamous ex, who pleaded guilty to 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy in October 2008, will soon walk free. Just not here.

He will be released and immediately deported to his native Italy.

Raffaello Follieri Photo

The former real estate developer, whose schemes allegedly consisted of convincing rich investors to buy historic properties by falsifying ties to the Vatican, will be handed to federal officials who will then put his ass on a boat.

Or a plane, more likely. A boat just sounds more degrading.

Raffaello Follieri's rep, who met with him at Pennsylvania's Loretto federal prison this week, explained to the New York Post on Wednesday:

"It is my understanding from counsel, that he is indeed to be transferred into the custody of ICE for immediate processing and subsequent deportation back to Italy where he is expected to be released into the care of his family."

"[He] expects to resume his role at the helm of the Follieri Group."

That's one Group that clearly values its business reputation.

Hathaway, who today is engaged to Adam Shulman, called things off with her Italian businessman beau right before he was indicted.

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Not really. It's not a happy place. Not that we are the least bit sympathetic toward Raffaello Follieri. We're just saying. He hates it in there. Sucker.

The convicted felon ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway says his health has deteriorated due to "unspeakably unsanitary" jail conditions he must endure.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

He has requested a transfer. Good luck with that.

Raffaello Follieri once enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and dated Hathaway for years before he was arrested in June for fraud in an elaborate real estate scam.

Since he was sentenced to four and a half years in the slammer for fraud last month, he has had to contend with rotten food, foul odors and unclean toilets and as result is running a fever and has blood in his urine, his lawyer said Wednesday.

"He can't eat because the food appears to be spoiled and the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary," a letter from Flora Edwards reads. "There is excrement in the shower and rats roam freely in the area. The stench is intolerable."

On the flip side, if it makes the incarcerated Raffaello feel better, some of our interns have said the same things about The Hollywood Gossip's office park.

Follieri is being held in a windowless dormitory with 120 other men. Edwards requested he be moved to a different jail while awaiting transfer to a prison.

The a$$ clown pleaded guilty to netting at least $2.4 million from a scheme that exaggerated (or made up, to be more accurate) Vatican ties to mislead investors into thinking he could buy the Catholic Church's real estate at cheaper prices.

Hathaway, who starred in The Devil Wears Prada and is now dating Adam Shulman, whoever that is, said she was shocked when Follieri was arrested.

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Raffaello Follieri, who pleaded guilty to 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, was sentenced Thursday to 4.5 years in prison.

The Italian-born real estate-business magnate, 30, was arrested in June.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

He was accused of lying to investors by claiming to be the CFO of the Vatican and using swindled funds for a trip to the Dominican Republic over New Year's 2005-2006 with his "then girlfriend" (Anne Hathaway) and another couple.

Raffaello Follieri used the funds for rent ($37,000 / month), medical bills for himself and his "then girlfriend," orthodontist bills for his dad, etc.

His attorney, Flora Edwards, has said her client had good intentions when he started a business to buy property from the Catholic church but that he soon "became intoxicated with it all" when he began moving in A-list circles.

Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri dated for four years but split in June just before his arrest. He conceivably could have faced up to 265 years in prison, but agreed not to appeal a sentence less than 63 months in the big house.

The con man's plea agreement included a stipulation that he forfeit $2.44 million (the amount representing what he obtained via illegal activity). He also agreed to forfeit 12 wristwatches and nine pieces of fine jewelry. Ouch.

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That would be nice for him. Whether he gets it? Another matter.

His lawyers told a judge who will be sentencing the dashing Italian con man, who pleaded guilty last month to fraud charges, that he will "crack" in jail.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

Excuse us while we shed tears for Raffaello Follieri.

His lawyer, Flora Edwards, argued for a three-year prison term, on the low end of the spectrum — he could serve more than five. Her reasoning:

"[Raffaello Follieri] was surrounded by movie stars and celebrities ... this young man who neither drinks nor smokes became intoxicated with it all ... Unfortunately, he lacked the resources to maintain the opulent lifestyle of his new friends. Even more unfortunately, he had almost unfettered access to hundreds of thousands of dollars with few controls on his spending ability, until it was too late."

It's true, this is so sad. Dating Anne Hathaway, living in a $40,000-a-month NYC apartment, jet setting around the world, getting blown at sea. Life is tough.

Raffaello Follieri will be officially sentenced October 23. However many years he gets, hopefully his lawyer requests a single-bunk cell. Roommates totally suck.

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After multiple nights of hilarious rants, David Letterman has moved on from John McCain and has started picking on someone else: Raffaello Follieri!

Anne Hathaway stopped by The Late Show to promote her newest movie, Rachel Getting Married, which is generating acclaim for the terrific actress.

Oh, Dear!

But her talk with David Letterman eventually moved to the elephant in the room known as Raffaello Follieri. An uncomfortable Hathaway held her own as best she could, but Dave's impromptu interrogation grew awkward. Awkwardly funny, of course.

Later, Anne went on to discuss the dearth of celebrity gossip rumors about her since the breakup. Among them, that she's dating Brody Jenner. Probably untrue, since she doesn't even know who Brody Jenner is. Check out the intervew below ...


"Was there ever, like, stuff missing out of your purse?"

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Zach Braff is a bit of a douche.

Sorry. Had to put that out there. We actually enjoy most of his TV and movie work, but he just irritates us for reasons unknown, like he's trying a little too hard sometimes to be quirky on Scrubs, or all edgy and profound in Garden State.

But all told, there's nothing really bad about Zach. In fact, he seems like a good dude. Braff look-alike Raffaello Follieri, on the other hand, is not.

When you not only fool around on Anne Hathaway, but bilk millions of dollars out of investors by lying about your ties to the effing church, then whine like a little b!tch regarding the conditions in jail, sympathy will be hard to find. Enjoy prison.

Different as Braff and Follieri may be, they appear to be cut from the same (genetic) cloth. Here's a look at our latest celebrity look-alikes:

Zach Braff Pic

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Apparently growing tired of withering away in the slammer, Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, is trying to secure a plea bargain.

Follieri is accused of lying about ties to the Vatican to screw investors out of some serious cash, as well as wire fraud and other money laundering.

The alleged con man has a meeting with the Manhattan District court today, and sources close to the matter say the 30-year-old sleaze ball will likely strike a deal to spend only around five years in federal prison.

Gone are the good old days of seaward hummers.

This man gives new meaning to the term d-bag.

Raffaello Follieri has been "miserable" in jail and a witness who's laid eyes on the once-dapper developer in the clink says he looks terrible.

Since he hasn't been able to put up his $21 million bail, he's had little choice but to remain there, though. Hathaway, who dumped his pathetic ass just hours before his arrest, has since moved on to Josh Lucas, possibly.

Heck, even if she's moved on to nothing, that would be a positive.

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As Raffaello Follieri's wonderful world of scams and sleaze slowly became unraveled, he reacted like any upstanding citizen and man with a pair:

Mooching tens of thousands of dollars off of Anne Hathaway.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

The actress paid her shady con-artist boyfriend's staggering $37,000 monthly rent for four months until finally, in June, his lease ran out - and she dumped his pathetic ass as federal investigators began to close in on an arrest.

The young star cooed over Raffaello Follierri repeatedly ever since the pair met in spring 2004, but their fiery relationship ended this summer.

His golden paycheck and lover gone in one fell swoop, the humiliated Follieri broke down into tears June 23, crashing at his parents' place at Trump Tower and moaning that his "baby," Hathaway, dumped him over the phone.

Raffaello Follieri wept as he took the distressing call from Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway, 25, tried to let the businessman off gently, telling him: "You were the love of my life. I'll always love you. You know that, baby."

Very sweet. Six hours later, the feds busted in and hauled the douchebag away in handcuffs on charges of money laundering and wire fraud.

Continue reading in the New York Post ...

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How long will it be until Anne Hathaway nude photos surface on the Internet?

Apparently not too long, according to various celebrity news sources. Gulp.

Sexy EW Cover

“We'll give it another two weeks or so,” one tells Fox News via Gawker.com.

Why? Hathaway has been the subject of non-stop celebrity gossip following her recent breakup with scam artist Raffaelo Follieri.

The skeezy businessman was arrested in June for fraud and conspiracy.

Breaking up with her longtime beau was tough on her, but it far worse problems could be around the corner if Anne Hathaway nude pictures are leaked.

These photos are very sexy - but apparently nothing compared to the naked Anne Hathaway pictures Raffaello Follieri had stashed away in a storage facility.

According to the National Enquirer, Raffaello Follieri had reportedly taken several nude photos of Anne Hathaway, including a "prized" and “sizzling” photo of her naked excpet for black fishnet stockings, a garter belt and bustier.

He is believed to have paid a famous photographer to take it.

Here's the kicker: When the FBI raided Raffaello Follieri's possessions in July, Anne Hathaway’s brother tried to recover the pics from a storage unit, only to find out that the FBI had beaten him to it the day before.

The Feds also took Hathaway's diaries in a separate raid.

The photographer of the nude pictures is believed to have copies and it is not known whether any of Follieri’s friends do as well. Story developing ...

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Anne Hathaway once starred in The Princess Diaries.

Who knew this princess' personal diaries would one day be confiscated by the FBI in its investigation of Raffaello Follieri?

Anne Hathaway in Interview

Federal agents took them during their second raid on the jackass' Trump Tower pad, the New York Daily News is reporting.

Seeking to bolster their case against Raffaello Follieri, who has been charged with 11 counts of fraud and money laundering, agents took photos of him with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Pope John Paul II, and John and Cindy McCain.

Also confiscated were documents, watches, a Tiffany clock, an antique Bible and personal photos of Raffaello Follieri and Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway, who has been charged with no crime, has cut off all contact with Follieri, who recently turned 30 in the slammer.

“She’s changed her numbers so he can’t reach her,” says a friend. “Raffaello has been trying to call her all the time.”

Raffaello Follieri's apartment, which was raided by the FBI, cost him $37,500 a month. A month. How's the sleazy one holding up in his new digs?

“Raffaello is doing very badly,” says a friend, noting that the Italian businessman was hospitalized for an anxiety attack the very day he was locked up. “He says people are abusing him in there. He’s a broken man.”

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