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Apparently growing tired of withering away in the slammer, Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, is trying to secure a plea bargain.

Follieri is accused of lying about ties to the Vatican to screw investors out of some serious cash, as well as wire fraud and other money laundering.

The alleged con man has a meeting with the Manhattan District court today, and sources close to the matter say the 30-year-old sleaze ball will likely strike a deal to spend only around five years in federal prison.

Gone are the good old days of seaward hummers.

This man gives new meaning to the term d-bag.

Raffaello Follieri has been “miserable” in jail and a witness who’s laid eyes on the once-dapper developer in the clink says he looks terrible.

Since he hasn’t been able to put up his $21 million bail, he’s had little choice but to remain there, though. Hathaway, who dumped his pathetic ass just hours before his arrest, has since moved on to Josh Lucas, possibly.

Heck, even if she’s moved on to nothing, that would be a positive.