Larry Rudolph is Britney Spears' friend and was her longtime manager. He is credited for discovering her talent and managed her for nine...

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Miley Cyrus' VMA performance Sunday night was troubling and/or offensive - Dr. Laura slammed her as a tasteless, disgusting whore - by many people.

Her manager is not one of those people.

Larry Rudolph said of Miley Cyrus Twerking and writhing all over the stage, "It could not have gone better. The fans got it. The rest eventually will."

Wait ... Miley still has fans after that?

Rudolph, who is also Britney Spears' manager, said that Cyrus' family and friends, including mom Tish "were all cheering from the side of the stage."

He refutes reports that her team is "concerned" (see above) and echoed Miley's refrain that it got the fans buzzing - A LOT - exactly as she'd hoped.

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Earlier today, Star Magazine released an inflammatory story alleging, blatantly, that Jason Trawick beat up Britney Spears, who was pregnant at the time.

The singer's manager, Larry Rudolph, denies the report and slams the tabloid for what he calls a "fabricated" story. He says he plans to take legal action.

On top of the Star story, Radar Online posted a tape purportedly of Spears chatting with her ex, Jason Alexander, about the alleged attack by Trawick.

Brit and Jason

CALLING BS: Britney's manager says she wasn't abused.

Alexander asks, "I thought he proposed to you or something at the beach." The person, claming to be Spears, replies: "Before or after he beat me?"

That on the heels of a tabloid cover with the headline: "Jason Beat Me Up." "It's 100 percent not true," Rudolph says. "The recording is not Britney."

Jason Alexander swears it is, and it's explosive.

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Larry Rudolph, crisis manager-in-chief of the great Britney Spears, is now at the helm of resurrecting the career of another train wreck: Lindsay Lohan.

The man behind Britney's 2008-09 comeback is now taking on re-launching the career of Lohan, who has famously done time in jail and rehab this summer.

“She’s very motivated, and she’s in a good place now,” Rudolph said on the red carpet of the 2010 MTV VMAs. “I really think that it’s going to work.”

Ooh Lindsay

Can Larry Rudolph work his magic with Lindsay Lohan?

Lohan’s first step back was playing the role of disciplinarian to VMA host Chelsea Handler in the show's opening sketch, and she is already in talks to host SNL.

Rudolph says, presumably seriously, that firecrotch is so awesome, you can only keep her down for so long before this once-in-a-generation talent shines:

“When you’ve got that much talent - you can never count somebody out. She’s incredibly smart, she’s incredibly talented. She has everything she needs.”

Well, save for prolonged sobriety. Can she stay clean?


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Is Britney Spears really dating Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, as some celebrity news publications and sites have reported this week?

Are they planning on spending New Year's together? Was she even in India over the past week and a half? What is the nature of their relationship?

A Little Angel

India's Daily Times spoke to Sandip Soparrkar, his business partner Jessy Randhawa, the hotel where Britney was supposed to be staying, security forces that would normally provide cover for a star of her status, and got to the bottom of it.

It appears the pop star was in fact there for two days, Soparrkar's partner says, despite the strange lack of any Britney Spears photos to prove it.

Any real ones, that is. There is this obvious fake circulating, which is actually an old picture of Britney and Neil Patrick Harris (see comparison) ...

As for the timeline of Britney's whirlwind trip to India, "She came in late Friday night. Saturday morning. She left this morning (on December 29) at about 2-2:30 am. She came, she rehearsed and she left," Randhawa said.

Asked for comment, Sandip strenuously denied having anything romantic to do with Britney - who he did work on "Womanizer" with, but who says he did not meet at Madonna's 50th birthday party this year, as the rumors say.

But then who’s spreading these stories and sending fabricated pictures like the one above - which was circulated via Sandip's own email account?

The choreographer points the finger at one well-connected person ...

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In Touch Weekly is reporting that Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, who split from Paris Hilton less than a month ago, is dating Britney Spears.

“They’ve been on a few dates,” a snitch close to Madden revealed. “They met once at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills for dinner in a hotel suite.”

We highly doubt this is even a little bit true. However, the absurd rumor apparently stems from Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, and her manager, Larry Rudolph, creating a list of potential new boyfriends for the recovering pop star.

The list supposedly included:

  • Good Charlotte rocker Benji Maden
  • Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford
  • Occasionally beaten actor Jesse Metcalfe
  • Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps

A source dished to the celebrity gossip magazine: “Larry made some phone calls and Benji ended up being the most interested in being fixed up.”

Wow, Michael Phelps wasn't interested? You've gotta be kidding. That would have been a great couple. Too bad Caroline Pal really has him whipped.

According to the report, Rudolph would love to use Benji and Britney’s burgeoning new romance to promote her new album, Circus, and world tour.

“He plans to make a big, splashy announcement to help publicize her upcoming tour,” says a source. We'll be sitting here holding our breath.

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Almost a year ago, rumors were flying that Britney Spears was dating a hunky, shaggy member of her security detail named Daimon Shippen.

The same gossip popped up again this week, this time involving Spears and some dude named Lee, who's apparently one of her bodyguards.

Spears Bikini Pic

Several celebrity gossip sites suggested Spears has been exchanging bodily fluids with Lee on a regular basis, but the rumors are absolutely not correct, Britney's manager Larry Rudolph told Access Hollywood yesterday.

“There is no truth to this,” Rudolph said. “She's 100% single.”

We're shocked.

A bikini-clad Britney Spears lounges while Lee does his thing.

Moreover, the man she has been spotted with, Larry says, is not even Britney Spears’ security guard, but a "staff photographer." Wait, wasn't that Adnan Ghalib? And wasn't he sleeping with the boss? We're so confused.

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Britney Spears' summer won't be all rest and relaxation here in 2008 (like it has been every year since, oh, 2003): The pop singer will be spending time hard at work on her yet-untitled next album, according to her manager.

"Britney Spears is spending her summer in the recording studio, working on a brand new album," manager Larry Rudolph said in a statement.

"She's working with a team of top-notch producers and songwriters, and we're very excited about what she's accomplished so far."

THG NOTE: That must mean she hasn't run away screaming at least!

Britney Spears spent time in and out of the studio in the spring, fueling rumors of an upcoming album. But at that time it was "recreational," Larry Rudolph said.

"She's been going to the studio, she's been having some fun. But it's all recreational for her," he said. "She's like, 'I want to go to the studio because I want to have some fun' and that's what it's all about. There's no schedule, there's no agenda, there's no anything. She is just enjoying herself."

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The contestants on Rock the Cradle received a pleasant surprise Thursday - their audience doubled when Britney Spears showed up to watch the season finale in person and support her former manager, Larry Rudolph.

Rudolph is the producer of Rock The Cradle, which pits aspiring pop stars, all of whom have rock and roll in their DNA, against one another in a competition. Sort of like American Idol, only not at all popular.

A Natural

Britney Spears spent the duration of the show seated backstage surrounded by security. After the show, Larry Rudolph told Us Weekly:

"She was here to support the show. I mentioned to her that I was going to my show. Britney said, ‘I want to come down.' She loved it. She really loved it. She didn't come here for publicity or anything like that. She came here because she wanted to see the show, which I appreciated."

Spears headed to the show after spending the day with her two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston. It was the first visit since she, along with parents Lynne and Jamie Spears, appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court Tuesday for a custody hearing, where she was granted extended visitation rights.

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Troubled pop singer Britney Spears returned to the recording studio this week with her former manager, Larry Rudolph. But it's nothing serious.

"We went into the studio, but it was just for fun - nothing more," Larry Rudolph said of their visits to a studio in Burbank, Calif., Monday and Tuesday.

"She just wanted to go in and tinker around," a source says. "She sat at a piano and got some ideas. She played the piano and sang a bit. She enjoyed herself."

Britney Spears, who used to be a pretty well-known recording artist, has not been in a recording studio, or pants, for much of the past year.

There, Spears played old and new tunes, the source says, adding, "she wanted to go in and get her creativity going. It was a really positive experience for her."

Spears and Rudolph, who produces MTV's Rock the Cradle, "are not at the stage where they are talking business," nor is this studio visit a start of a new project.

But stay tuned. In other Britney Spears news, she's got a hearing coming up May 6 that may allow her to regain some custody or visitation with her kiddies!

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Britney Spears' former manager, Larry Rudolph, confirmed celebrity gossip that he recently met up with the troubled singer, who is his old friend.

Like many others who have spoken with Britney of late (since father Jamie stepped into her life), Larry Rudolph says she's "doing great."

Britney Spears Nude

"I have spent time with her, and she is on the right path because she has people around her who really care about her well-being," Rudolph said.

He would not comment further on Britney Spears, explaining, "this isn't the time to talk business. This is a time for healing." Good man.

Last week, a source reported that Britney Spears met with Larry Rudolph, who is credited for discovering her talent and managing her career for nine years.

They stopped talking last February after Britney sorta went bonkers and in turn blamed Larry for "forcing her" into rehab, when it he seemed he was one of the only ones in her inner circle trying to do anything to help her.

He was relieved of his duties shortly thereafter.

Rudolph did not turn his back on her, though, even remaining on the run to avoid testifying in her custody case when subpoenaed by Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Rudolph, who is not formally signed back on as Britney's manager, is currently producing the MTV show Rock the Cradle, which debuts April 3.

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