Chris Benoit tragically died too young. He was one of the best wrestlers in WWE history before going on a murder-suicide rampage that few...

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The father of late WWE star Chris Benoit says that it might have been the effect of multiple concussions, as opposed to steroids, that drove his son to kill family and himself.

Michael Benoit told Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America today that he turned over part of his son's brain to Julian Bailes, a neurologist at the Sports Legacy Institute.

Tissue analysis, said Bailes, revealed that Benoit's brain tissue had damage similar to those of Alzheimer's patients, suggesting that he was suffering from a form of dementia.

Benoit's dad told Sawyer that his son suffered "multiple concussions," while Dr. Bailes said that just three could lead to serious consequences.

Whatever the case, said Michael Benoit:

"The person that did this is not the man we know and love."

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Pro wrestler Chris Benoit had steroids and other drugs in his system when he killed his wife and young son last month before hanging himself in the family's home, investigators said earlier today.

Benoit's body contained elevated levels of testosterone, which appeared to have been injected, as well as the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and the painkiller hydrocodone, according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI said Benoit tested negative for alcohol.

Dr. Kris Sperry also said Benoit's 7-year-old son, Daniel, was sedated when he was killed and that his wife, Nancy Benoit, had prescription drugs in her system.

But Sperry said the results do not show whether steroids were linked to the killings last month at the Benoits' suburban Atlanta home.

As ESPN reviewed, Benoit killed his wife and son, placed Bibles next to their bodies and then hanged himself on the cable of a weight machine.

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Pete Ellis is a wrestling columnist for He recently ran the following piece on the life and death of Chris Benoit...

A lot of things have been said since the untimely demise of Chris Benoit and his family a few weeks ago.

Many of his fans have journeyed to Atlanta to leave flowers at the gate of his large suburban home. Others consider the events the act of a madman or a drug addict who deserves to be condemned for his actions.

The WWE has all but washed its hands of Benoit and his legacy since the day after the initial announcement of his death. went from a Benoit memorial to "MOVING RIGHT ALONG! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!" overnight.

But for whatever it's worth - for the public, for the media, and for wrestling fans everywhere - I will never forget Chris Benoit. In my opinion, he stands as the greatest in-ring performer in the history of wrestling. I will not forget his accomplishments or what he meant to me as a fan.

William Regal said it best the Monday his death was announced. Regal didn't gush about his passing or speculate as to any of the details. He simply said Benoit was the best ever, and he was right.

To read the rest of this take on Benoit, follow our link...

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This week's issue of People magazine features Chris Benoit on the cover. It examines his personal life and tries to make sense out of the tragedy that happened with the Benoit family…

Friends searching for clues to what went wrong have focused on Benoit's relationship with Nancy Benoit, 43, who often complained she felt like a single mother because of her husband's constant touring.

Former neighbor Melissa Coppage recalls asking Nancy recently if she had any vacation plans:

"She said, ‘No, it's all wrestling, all the time.' "

But several of Benoit's friends describe the 40-year-old as a devoted father and husband â€" who, apparently at Nancy's request last year, took a four-month leave from work to be with her while she recovered from surgery.

"He wasn't a monster," Benoit's friend and former wrestler Dean Malenko tells People.

"We're talking about a guy who, a month ago, was in Jacksonville and rather than drive down to Orlando, where he needed to be the next day, he took a flight to be home with [his son] Daniel."

In 2003, Nancy filed for divorce from Benoit, saying he had threatened her. But the couple then reconciled.

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The mother of Chris Benoit mother said she wonders whether her son would still be alive if federal agents had been more aggressive when they discovered the professional wrestler was buying large quantities of steroids.

The Drug Enforcement Administration acknowledged this week that Benoit's name surfaced in an investigation before he killed his wife, son and himself. But Benoit wasn't charged, and his supply continued until at least May, a month before the murder-suicide, according to a review of records by The Associated Press.

DEA spokesman Rusty Payne said "it's ridiculous for anyone to think we could have known that anything like that could have happened."

But Benoit's mother said she is also concerned by another disclosure that police were previously aware Benoit's doctor, Phil Astin, may have been improperly prescribing medications.

Asked if quicker action by authorities could have helped her son, Margaret Benoit said in a telephone interview from her home in Alberta, Canada: "We would certainly hope so. We just don't know. We're dealing with so many things. It's incredible."

The case highlights the DEA's focus on drug traffickers rather than individual users, even when those users are star athletes and celebrities. The targets of the BALCO investigation in San Francisco, for instance, weren't the baseball players and runners who allegedly bought steroids but the distribution network that sold them.

Building those types of cases can take years.

"We can arrest and prosecute users, but they are not the target or focus of most investigations," Payne said.

Astin was charged Monday, more than a week after the killings, with improperly prescribing medications to two patients, but not this WWE star. More charges are possible later.

"You don't run out and arrest a doctor for making one prescription that is questionable," Payne said. "There's just not enough evidence to arrest or bring charges. We want to bring charges that are legitimate. Cases take time."

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Hulk Hogan can't be trusted to dish out very good insight.

After all, he allows his daughter Brooke Hogan to dress in clothing that Britney Spears might not even be caught wearing in clubs.

Hulk and his Ladies

So that what Hogan had to say about Chris Benoit with a steroids-laden grain of salt.

"He was peaceful and kept to himself," Hogan said to Us Magazine.

Hogan, who last saw Benoit in March, says he wonders what pushed the wrestler over the edge. But he has this unique theory:

"I think it had to be something personal, a domestic problem between him and his wife."

That wife, Nancy Benoit, had a darker side. The Hulkster concluded:

"She was into devil-worship stuff. It was part of her [wrestling] character, but [she was] somebody who gets so close to their character, someone who gets into their character too much. Sometimes these people believe their own publicity."

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Before Chris Benoit killed himself and his family, the Drug Enforcement Administration knew he was an "excessive purchaser of injectable steroids," documents show.

According to a June 29 search warrant affidavit posted on The Smoking Gun, Benoit's physician, Dr. Phil Astin, prescribed Benoit, on average, "a 10-month supply of anabolic steroids ... every three to four weeks" from May 2006 to May 2007.

Astin surrendered in Atlanta Monday after being charged with improperly dispensing painkillers and other drugs, his lawyer said.

According to a seven-count indictment, Astin dispensed drugs including Percocet, Xanax, Lorcet and Vicoprofen between April 2004 and September 2005 to recipients identified by the initials O.G. and M.J., the Associated Press reports.

The initials of WWE star Benoit were not listed.

A sealed criminal complaint was also filed, and a law enforcement official close to the case told the AP that case involves steroids.

Authorities say Chris killed his wife Nancy Benoit and their 7-year-old son Daniel before hanging himself the weekend of June 23.

Astin's office was raided twice by drug agents shortly after the deaths of Benoit and his family. Benoit, who was a longtime friend of Astin's, visited his office on June 22, the day authorities believe Benoit killed his wife.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that on Thursday, June 21, Nancy Benoit called a close friend to express fear of her husband.

Nancy reportedly told the friend that she was scared to death and that, "if anything happens to me, look at [Chris Benoit]."

The friend, along with a former wrestler and friend in whom she confided, told Nancy to immediately leave and hide out in an apartment. Further, Nancy was instructed to send son Daniel to her parents' house in Florida.

Despite her fear, Nancy Benoit did not follow these instructions. And we all know about the tragic events that followed.

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A couple family members of Chis Benoit are speaking out on the horrific events of the past week.

The wrestler's former wife, Martina Benoit, said the WWE star "was the most loving person anyone could imagine. I love him."

Reached at her home in Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Benoit called reporting of the killings in Fayette County "crap." She did not elaborate before ending the call.

The ex-wrestler had two other children with Martina Benoit, who has not remarried. Chris Benoit married Nancy Benoit in 2000.

Meanwhile, Chris' father cannot comprehend the events that took place approximately one week ago.

"We have no understanding of why it happened," Michael Benoit said. "We need some time to gather our thoughts and wait and see. There's still more information that's going to come out from toxicology tests that will give us some understanding of why this happened."

The patriarch, who lives near Edmonton in Ardrossan, said blood test results, which could take several weeks to be completed, "could give us closure." He said his son had seemed fine when they spoke on Father's Day, and had even said he regretted having to work instead of spending the day with his family.

"That really wouldn't give you an indication of someone who would do what he did a week later," the father said.

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Fourteen hours before investigators discovered the bodies of Chris Benoit, his wife, Nancy, and their 7-year-old son, Daniel, someone updated the professional wrestler's Wikipedia biography entry to include his wife's death.

Benoit's page on Wikipedia, a reference site that allows users to add and edit information, was altered at 12:01 a.m. Monday, though authorities did not find the bodies until after 2 p.m. that afternoon.

The entry cited that the reason Benoit missed a match Saturday night was "stemming from the death of his wife [Nancy Benoit]."

Wikipedia confirmed the time stamp's authenticity, Us Magazine reported. The entry was updated by someone using an IP address registered in Stamford, Connecticut, where World Wrestling Entertainment is based.

Chris Benoit at a press conference, years before the WWE star committed such heinous acts against his family.

On Friday, an anonymous user with the same IP address confessed on WikiNews to making the changes to the entry, but explained that the edit was just a "terrible coincidence" fueled by rumors and gossip.

"I just can't believe what I wrote was actually the case, I've remained stunned and saddened over it," the alleged user and WWE fan wrote.

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Chris Benoit tragically died too young. He was one of the best wrestlers in WWE history before going on a murder-suicide rampage that few... More »
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