British TV personality has probably seen Lindsay Lohan nude. Then again, this doesn't make Calum Best too different from the rest of us.

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Awful pun alert: For Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson last night, it wasn't the Calum Best of times.

According to Great Britain's The Sun, the most famous pair of partying lesbians on the planet got into a fight because Lohan was dancing with her ex-boyfriend.

A source said Lindsay "had tears in her eyes as she left" London club Boujis on her own.

Lohan and Best - who once described the Firecrotch Queen as being "dynamite" in bed - dated for several weeks last year. Soon after, Lindsay entered rehab and started having sex with women.

Tough break, Calum.

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Calum Best has seen Lindsay Lohan nude. That can't be denied. But the loser ex-boyfriend claims he never filmed his sexual escapades with Firecrotch.

He denies anything to do with any Lindsay Lohan sex tape.

Granted, the grainy image released this week may not have been taken by Calum Best and its main, oral sex-providing attraction may not be Lindsay.

Linds in Court

But would it shock you if a Lohan sex tape did eventually surface?

Best, however, is denying that this is it. His rep released a statement to Us Weekly that says: "Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not Calum in the tape."

On second glance, he didn't say it wasn't Lohan, did he? Hmmm....

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It was only a matter of time before rumors of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape popped up.

Now, in the wake of Kristin Davis naked pictures and Audrina Patridge nude photos, it makes sense that news about the Firecrotch Queen caught on tape would surface.

Lindsay Lohan on a Red Carpet

According to various celebrity gossip sources, the following is an image of Lindsay going all Antonella Barba on ex-boyfriend Calum Best.

Reportedly, he filmed the elicit act himself with a camera phone.

If true, Calum would undoubtedly be living up to his surname...

If you tilt your head, squint your eyes and take a few shots, this does look like Lindsay Lohan working hard at the only job she's ever held down. Many, many times.

Do you think this is an image from a Lindsay Lohan sex tape?

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The Hollywood Gossip: Lindsay Lohan is a dirty skank.

Now that the actress and our celebrity gossip staff have each expressed our views, we can report that Lohan was in New York City yesterday at the Lucky magazine gift suite for the TV upfronts. She was asked about the recent Bahamian vacation taken where her boobs were exposed:

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson at Beatrice Inn

"It was good. It was nice, it was fun," Lindsay said, succinctly summing up how James Blunt and all other Firecrotch conquerers feel after an hour beneath the actress.

But what about Lohan's travel companion and the most recent victim of her sexually predatory demeanor, British TV personality Calum Best?

"He's a nice guy."

A Lohan source told People magazine that the trip wasn't necessarily the start of something serious. "They were making out, but I wouldn't call it a relationship," said the pal. "More just hooking up."

That's all, really? We're almost as surprised by that news as we are to hear that Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos are having sex again.

At the Lucky suite, the Georgia Rule star had more pressing matters on her mind: The awesome freebie selection.

She scored seven bags of swag, including shorts and hoodies from L.A.M.B., a straw hat from Milk Boutique, a pair of Cosabella pushup bras (because she really needs those!) and about $8,000 worth of pieces from Lia Sophia's Rue Royal jewelry line.

We're sure Lindsay will follow the lead of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designer, Ed Sanders, too, and help the less fortunate with these items.

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Calum Best is a generous man.

It's not enough that he's seen Lindsay Lohan nude. After all, this doesn't set the Brit apart from most other men he sees on the street.

She Has to Be Held Up

But Best has been kind enough to give the few remaining people who have not seen Lindsay's giant boobs a glimpse of what they've been missing.

Because we're a family celebrity gossip blog, we've covered the private part with a logo. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, the new couple spent the weekend in the Bahamas, where they celebrated the opening of the Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island with parties, sunbathing and lots of PDA.

On Friday night, they took in a poolside Janet Jackson concert alongside John Travolta, Rob Lowe, Whitney Houston, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and Tyra Banks. Your basic concert crowd, really.

From there, Calum and Lindsay partied the weekend anyway and questioned the decision to give Kate Walsh her own show on ABC.

* To see the uncensored version of Lohan's nipple slip, click here.

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A friend of Lindsay Lohan claims that her current relationship isn't serious.

This causes us to wonder if this supposed friend even knows Lindsay Lohan! Has she ever been in a relationship that lasted beyond the second orgasm? With cocaine, perhaps.

Side Boob Action

The latest boy toy, of course, is Calum Best. And what, specifically, does this source think of the British television personality?

"He's a piece of s-. He's a wanna-be celebrity. Lindsay trusts people until they hurt her."

She also has large boobs. But anyway.

The Hollywood Gossip doesn't really know Best and we're not gonna judge him like others seem to judge Tameka Foster. But we just hope he gets checked for every STD known to man.

After all, Lindsay was in typical form at a NYC club with him over the weekend, bearing the Firecrotch and all.

"She was lifting up her skirt, and sending people over to [her friend, deejay] Samantha Ronson when she didn't like what she was playing," said a spy.

Sounds like the Lohan we know and want to beat senseless with a tire iron love. But we wonder what Felicity Huffman has to say about her now.

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Lindsay Lohan does cocaine? No shock there.

Lindsay Lohan sleeps with a hunky British guy? Also no surprise on that one.

HoHan Pic

But the unexpected news making the celebrity gossip rounds this morning is that we're not solely referring to Jude Law here.

While Lindsay has shagged the heck out of that actor, she's currently involved with a different English chap: some TV personality named Calum Best.

At a party at New York City hot spot Tenjune Wednesday night, Lohan was spotted with Best as she celebrated her new cover of Nylon magazine.

The duo was seated with Lindsay's attention-starved and awful mother, Dina Lohan, along with a few friends in a private banquette by the DJ booth. Reportedly, Lohan sat next to Best all night (when she wasn't up dancing to Eminem or air kissing VIP well-wishers, of course).

Just after midnight, Lohan and Best â€" who spent time together in London last fall and also kept close company while out on the town the previous night â€" shared a very discreet kiss. But not discreet enough for certain celebrity gossip mavens not to catch them!

After smiling as DJ pal Samantha Ronson spun Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" and posing for a quick photo with her mom and Best, Lohan focused again on the man a number of friends referred to as "her new boy toy," at one point leaning in for a 30-second smooch.

These two crazy kids were first linked by the British tabloids last summer, and were spotted hitting the London nightlife scene in the fall after Lohan was a presenter at the World Music Awards there.

Meanwhile, Lohan also spoke to David Letterman Wednesday about pal/enemy Paris Hilton's jail sentence ("It's terrible") and her troubles while filming her new movie, Georgia Rule.

"I was out too late a few of the times. I had a boyfriend. I was fighting with him," she said. "I was very immature. I was very irresponsible. And I understand that."

Doesn't mean she has any changes to change it, of course.

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