13 Hottest Bachelors in ABC History

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Come 2016, Ben Higgins will be the next Bachelor to capture the heart of a nation. But is he the hottest Bachelor in ABC history?

Compare and decide now.

1. Chris Soules

Chris Soules
Chris Soules was nicknamed Prince Farming for a reason. That reason was because he is a farmer by trade, and is quite charming.

2. Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe
Hello there, Sean Lowe! This Bachelor ranks among the show's best looking.

3. Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo is extending a rose in this photo. We know exactly zero women would love to take it, but looks were never his problem.

4. Travis Stork

Travis Stork
Travis Stork isn't just a hunk and a gentleman. He is a doctor, people.

5. Andrew Firestone

Andrew Firestone
Andrew Firestone is a contender for Hottest Bachelor Ever. Might he win?

6. Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins is your Bachelor for 2016. If nothing else, he will be much better received than Nick Viall or Shawn Booth.

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I have a question, Nick Vialli? What do these women see in HIM??? Andi and Kaitlyn both very attractive women, Nick reminds me of a creepy stalker and they both hooked up with him. I've watched The Bachelor / Bachelorette since season 1 religiously looking forward to Monday nights but, since they let Nick on after he publicly outed Andi I can now wait to replay Bachelorette after I watch SYTYCD! Nick is very weird and if he is ever the Bachelor I'm hunting down Chris Harrison to slap him with a rose !! Personally, I haven't seen 1 Bachelor yet I would put up with 24 other women for. If Josh Murray IS the next Bachelor then I might change my tune !!


Mr. ABS, and Mr. BUTTHEAD, and that is putting it nicely.


How can you have Jason but not Matt Grant?! Jason is hideous and disgusting!


The only one I did not do was Travis...not because I did not want to. Because of his fame from his tv show, producers were pretty adamant about the moral turpitude clause. Once the show was completed and aired, all bets were off on the others and so were our pants !


WHAT???? How do any of these guys beat out Dr. Travis? Crazy.


Jason, Brad and Ben were the ugliest Bachelors ever. Someone needs to learn what women really like and stop with all this phony, fake crap for bachelor and bacheloretts.


Jason, Jake and Ben.....worst bachelors ever. Totally NOT hot.


Where is Andy Baldwin? That guy was SO HOT.


Sean Lowe, one of the hottest bachelors??? Please, give me a break. This guy is as phony as they come. And, like Jake Pavelka, he's gay too.


Jake Pavelka, one of the hottest bachelors??? You've got to be kidding me !! He might qualify as the most creepy, obnoxious bachelor though. And, BTW, he's gay.

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