Blue Ivy Birthday Party Photos

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It's amazing but true: Blue Ivy Carter is already two years old!

The toddler's famous mother and father rented out Jungle Island in Miami for the occasion and partied it up with family and friends. Relive the celebration here, slideshow style!

1. Celebrating with Blue

Celebrating with Blue
AWW! Blue Ivy is two years old. She celebrates here with her mom.

2. Beyonce at a Birthday Party

Beyonce at a Birthday Party
Beyonce is all dressed up here and for good reason. She is attending her daughter's birthday party.

3. A Blue Party

A Blue Party
Happy birthday, Blue Ivy! Mother and daughter celebrate the latter turning two here.

4. Beyonce Looks Fierce

Beyonce Looks Fierce
Beyonce looks all kinds of fierce in this birthday party photo. She's on hand to celebrate her daughter turning two years old.

5. Blue Ivy Birthday Card

Blue Ivy Birthday Card
Blue Ivy Carter is two years old! This is a photo from the toddler's birthday celebration.

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