5 Duggar Family Dating Rules

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The Duggar Family dating (sorry, COURTING) rules are pretty basic, yet stringent. Read on and see them for yourself.

1. It's Called COURTING!

It's Called COURTING!
Dating means you're shopping around, says Jim Bob Duggar, while courtship is the path toward marriage. Courting is getting to know each other in a group setting, both families spending time together and the couple setting goals together to determine if they are meant to marry or not.

2. Set Boundaries

Set Boundaries
"Dating with a purposeful mind-set is really such a contrast from what we are used to seeing in our world," mother of 19 Michelle Duggar says. "Emotions get heated the closer you get. You're like two magnets being pulled together, you need boundaries. What is so great is to set boundaries together at the beginning of a relationship ... it sets up accountability."

3. No Touching!!

No Touching!!
Jill Duggar, 23, who married Derick Dillard in June, was happy to reserve her first kiss for the altar. She is not alone. The family is committed to only side hugs and no other touching until they are engaged, or even married. "Obviously, you can kiss and not have sex," Jill said. "It's about setting a higher standard so you don't struggle [with temptation]."

4. Ask Questions. A Lot of Guestions.

Ask Questions. A Lot of Guestions.
Before Derick and Jill began courting, she wrote a three-page list of questions for him, including no-nonsense queries about faith, family, drinking and smoking habits and more. If that sounds like an interrogation, that's because it was ... but it helped her realize what a perfect fit they were.

5. Stay Connected

Stay Connected
Jim Bob says he and Michelle have a weekly date. Even more, iIt's important to remember those things about your partner that are wonderful, and not just those that cause conflict or stress. "A great rule of thumb is to say 10 nice things to every one critical thing," says Jim Bob.

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I am all for setting boundaries for my children.
My teens aren't Allowed to drink, I check their phones daily and I have web blockers on all the phones and computers. I do what I can to protect my kids from dangers online. And there is nothing wrong with that. My husband and I both come from alcoholic parents and siblings. So we don't drink. We don't allow our children to drink. Not even my 19 year old. If you live in my house you will not go out clubbing, you will not drink, you will not have free range of Internet on computers or phones. I homeschool my kids. My 19 year old graduated high school at 17 and is in college now. She works a job and goes to school. She is responsible and very respectable. Her bosses love her and always tell my husband and me how great if a young lady she is. My teen boys are also very respectable and hard workers.
We have a strong Christian faith that they have not rebelled against and have not expressed otherwise. So although I do not agree with everything the Duggars do I do have to defend them. They aren't perfect. The kids aren't perfect and have made serious mistakes. But they seem to be well grounded. You don't have to like them.
You didn't even have to read this article but you did. You did only to criticize. But that's ok because they don't care what the media or anyone else thinks.


These people are such whack-job lunatics! How would Jessa know WHAT "modern music" does or doesn't do if she's never listened to it? And their obsession with the thought of not being able to control themselves & give in to temptation in a blink of the eye is ridiculous. What are they? Animals? Good grief! And what's the big deal about 2 consenting adults sharing more than a side hug? The way they go on about it you'd think sharing premarital affection was like donating a kidney!


You usually have to shop around so you can start learning what other people are like. Of course maybe Jim Bob is more into the profit (intentional) appointed marriage partners for his kids.
Most kids "love" the first boy/girl that pays attention to them and they are dead certain that they are THE ONLY ONE for them forever and ever.


Jim bob (El creepy) you are a a two faced piece of crap! Remember your courtship? And don't u dare try and justify it by saying Jesus spoke to you and changed your views!

@ Aussie cathie

Aussie if you don't like the diggers back off them you have no right to say anything your a piece of crap I think is a good things that they are doing your creepy

@ Brooke

Listen here to you ignorant piece of crap , I have the right to do what and say what ever I want!!! Go fuuuuuck yourself!!!

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And so be available, and not just available, but be joyfully available for him. Smile and be willing to say, 'Yes, sweetie I am here for you,' NO MATTER WHAT, even though you may be exhausted and big and pregnant and you may not feel like he feels. 'I'm still here for you and I'm going to meet that need because I know it's a need for you.' - Michelle

Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls. - Michelle Duggar on saying yes (yes, and more yes) to sex