Michelle O.
Michelle Obama has sworn off fur, like any good First Lady would. PETA will definitely heart her for it.

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That special friend whom will never die stay to his/her land America.The poor person does not even know hi/her history, where she/he came from . Am sorry 4 telling u this, a monkey his going 2 be ur president either u like or not! Since u seems to be honesty to ur country why u couldnt be a president not 2 be ruled with him! Go hell withur selfish and enjoy 2 be ruled, no way out since you dont like to work hard and crash who did so, wait that's begining. Tchao another monkey since ur calling ur own president monkey u also ur monkey.


Obama is just as American are you are in case you didn't notice. Every American came from another land, whether it was Asia, Africa, or Europe, in case you forgot your history.


michelle and monkey man obama should go back to the jungle from which they came AND in this proud American's view swing from the vines!!

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Michelle Obama Biography

Barack and Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States, and the wife of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. She is the... More »
Chicago, Illinois
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Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama