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Is Jessica Simpson fat or just wearing terrible outfits lately? You be the judge.

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Jessica Simpson looks like she's ready to rough some people up. Can you blame her after all she's been through?

Glass Shatters Everywhere

Jessica Simpson is a terrible performer, but hey, girl's got a good set of other things besides pipes. Think about it.

Quote-Unquote Singer

Jessica Simpson markets herself as a singer, but really, she's a good looking girl who gets pimped out by her dad into whatever role she can make the most money in. Props!

A Nice View

Dude in the front row is loving the view. And getting a hard time from his friends from going to a Jessica Simpson concert.

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Jessica Simpson Live!
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Nothing wrong with any of it to me. She looks great, a little extra weight once in a while so what dosent make her any less beautiful.


...Maybe she's pregnant and just doesn't want to tell anyone yet. I don't think it's the outfits, but she also doesn't look 'fat'. Her arms and the rest of her look fine, it's her stomach that looks more round. IDK, I'm probably way off, just ignore me.