Wade Robson on Michael Jackson Rape Claims: Silence Perpetuates Abuse!

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Following the shocking release of a court filing claiming Michael Jackson raped him, Wade Robson opened up about the allegations in a heartfelt Facebook post.

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Documents filed by Robson’s attorneys allege that the late music icon forced him to do all sorts of sickening things when he was between the ages of 7-14.

Wade, now 31, previously denied Jackson was guilty of any wrongdoing during his 2005 molestation trial, serving as a witness in the singer's defense.

Last year he came forward, however, saying he was brainwashed and traumatized but all the horrors of his childhood abuse had come to the surface.

In the aftermath of the leak of his latest court filing against Jackson's estate, Wade says, "This article contains some of the details of my child sexual abuse."

"It was not the plan for this info to be made public, but now that it has, I am sharing it because it is important for these ‘uncomfortable’ topics to be talked about."

“One in four girls + 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before they are 18. We must face these facts and learn to prevent them in any way we can."

"Silence perpetuates abuse.”

The dancer/choreographer says he has experienced incredible support for his plight since the disturbing allegations were made public earlier this week:

“I am immensely moved by this incredible outpouring of support. Thank you to family and friends. It means a lot to me. And it means a lot to all survivors."

For its part, Jackson’s estate has adamantly denied any guilt on the star's part, and is vowing to fight the bombshell allegations to the finish in court.

Another accuser, James Safechuck, also made headlines this week with similarly graphic tales of childhood sexual experiences with Michael Jackson.

Do you believe Wade's claims?


Wade Robson is extremely brave, is very successful in his career & has no reason to want money. What he seems to want is victims to have a voice.

@ DancerGirl

WAS successful, he's broke now.

@ DancerGirl

Then why is he making a monetary claim?

@ ultravioletrae

exactly., 1.6 billions to be specific..

@ jay

He claims he can't work anymore......I don't think that the damage done to him and lost wages for the rest of his life comes anywhere near 1.6 billion.
And how can the Estate admit that MJ abused him? How would they know?
WR get's crazier all the time.


It is an outrage that our court system allows pointless and frivolous lawsuits being filed against a person who has been dead for years. Michael Jackson is no longer under the jurisdiction of any legal system in this world. That is one of the "perks" of being dead and no longer being subjected to people's judgment or accusations. What Michael did or did not do cannot be proven because he is not here to testify. Whatever sins, if any, Michael Jackson had committed is not for us to judge. He is no longer this world's "problem." He was tried in 2005 for these very same allegations and after months and months of testimony and years of investigation, there was no viable proof against him and he was exonerated. This is how it is whether or not you like it or agree with it. The only thing we can judge Michael Jackson on at this time and from now is his music. Do you like his music or not? If you do, enjoy. If you don't, ignore it. Otherwise, leave him alone.


These guys are no doubt being paid to attempt to assassinate the character of a true humanitarian, Michael Jackson, who lives on in spirit (and they hate that), or they have been brainwashed into going for some bigger money on this crusade. Something's very fishy yet again. I don't believe a word of this crap. I hope they are told to get lost once and for all.


Shouldn't there be a third option... something like.. well its too late now... the man is dead.. The people that have the money now, aren't the people that did anything to you..


I would like to hear MJ's side of the story...


Why are both your poll options about money?!

@ Seconds

Because this round of BS is about "money", "money", "money"...and nothing else!

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