Jennette McCurdy: Dissing Ariana Grande in New Web Series?

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Is there bad blood between Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande? Following the cancelation of Sam & Cat by Nickelodeon, rumors of a rift persist.

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande Pic

It's unclear if the leak of racy Jennette McCurdy photos, and/or the actress' reported salary dispute with the network, led to the popular show's ouster.

However, some feel that Jennette is throwing shade at her co-star, whose music career has skyrocketed this summer, since the axe fell on Sam & Cat.

This speculation was fueled by Jennette’s new web series What’s Next For Sarah? In it, McCurdy’s character is in therapy after her show was canceled.

Also, her recent relationship ended, as did McCurdy's romance with Andre Drummond. Think that sounds like art imitating life? You are far from aline.

Sarah's therapist recommends lots of therapy for the star, even if her case is “pretty hopeless” ... Sarah is also encouraged to try juicing, which she does.

While she’s drinking some juice at the place she bought it, an old friend with huge hair and pretty floral dress comes into the store singing. Her name? Gloriana.

The frenemy says she’s doing “so well” and she’s “never been better," while discussing music video ideas, seeming talking over Sarah's head a little bit.

Considering reports from the Sam & Cat set that Jenette wanted the “same respect” as Ariana by Nick and wasn't getting it, it makes you wonder.

Of course, it could be that she's just poking fun at the situation without any bitterness. Check out the video to see if you think it's just good fun or something more.

Oh, and check out the infamous leaked pics of Jennette below:


Sadly, the score is clear on this one. Ariana has a huge music career. She's on a level with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift now. While doing a web show. (PS web shows are what actors do when they can't get hired.) Also I think it's sad that Jeanette still has to use her connection with Ariana to get attention. The ONLY reason that anyone barely noticed her web show is that she mocked Ariana. Jeanette acts so much like she wants to get away from Nickelodeon and Ariana. So why won't she do it? Because she knows that her association with those two entities are the only reason anyone might care about her. The whole idea of her web show is about being "post kid star". Sad. Do something NEW, Jeanette.


Jennette grow up


so these girls can't even make an ordinary joke?

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