Paul Rudd Helps Couple Announce Pregnancy, Is Totally Awesome

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Now THIS is how you announce you're pregnant.

If you happen to be hanging out in the same place as Paul Rudd, that is.

One lucky couple recently found themselves in this situation and took full advantage of it, asking the actor to give them a hand in revealing their very big news to family and friends.

Seriously, does it get any more awesome than Paul Rudd?!?

Paul Rudd Birth Announcement

Of course, not everyone has a comedic actor around to help out in such a funny manner.

So how have other couples coped? How have they told the world that they're having a baby?

Via fake movie posters and the creative use of their pets, for starters. Toggle through some impressive pregnancy announcement now:

We're Pregnant!
This guy seems a little more excited about his impending baby than his wife does. We wonder why.

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