Justin Timberlake and Aaron Paul Plan Pizza Date, Establish Beloved New Bromance

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There appears to be a new bromance in Hollywood... bitch!

It all started on Thursday morning when Justin Timberlake Tweeted a reference to Aaron Paul’s character on Breaking Bad and asked:

"Question: Does anyone else legitimately miss Walter White and Jesse Pinkman? It can't just be me, right?"

  • Justin Timberlake in Rio
  • Aaron Paul with a Beard

Paul quickly reply to the singer, Tweeting “I miss you too man. We should hangout and eat some pizza."

Sorry, Jessica Biel and Lauren Parsekian. You may need to watch out.

Timberlake responded to Paul’s comment with a Vine of a special pizza being made, one topped with waffle fries and fried chicken from Chick-fil-A, to which Paul shot back... in awe:

"Can I be honest? I think I may love that pizza in an emotional way."

Timberlake agreed. He quoted this tweet and added: "Right?? It's criminal. #Pizza4Ever."

Clearly, an exciting new bromance is afoot. But this is awkward: As you can see below, each of these stars is already involved in a different Hollywood bromance.

Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston - the BFFs of Timberlake and Paul, respectively - are close themselves. So we're guessing everyone will be able to work something out...

Zach Braff and Donald Faison
It's guy love between Zach Braff and Donald Faison! These Scrubs stars have maintained a bromance many years after that beloved sitcom went off the air.

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