Chris Brown Jailed For 131 More Days, Admits He Violated Probation

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Locked up since March, Chris Brown was sentenced on Friday to spend another four months behind bars for violating his probation in the Rihanna case.

Brown was in court to admit he violated his probation by getting into a fight with a dude in Washington D.C., although he has pleaded not guilty to assault.

Probation can be revoked even without a conviction, though, if the judge feels Chris does not actively try to obey all laws. Clearly that's an issue for him.

The judge therefore sentenced him to a year in jail, the maximum time he could impose on the R&B singer without revoking his probation permanently.

Had he done that, Chris could've gone to state prison for four years - the maximum sentence for the assault on Rihanna he pleaded guilty to in 2009.

Chris got a break since the judge took into account that he was recently diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder, which may account for his violence.

He also got credit for 116 days he spent in rehab (despite being kicked out of rehab and jailed this spring) and another 59 days behind bars since then.

Brown gets two days' credit for every day spent locked up, giving up 234 in total, and leaving 131 days left to serve before his probation is reinstated.

The 25-year-old could be released earlier than that, TMZ believes, due to overcrowding and other factors as yet to be determined by various officials.

But for now, back to the slammer he goes.

The judge also ordered Chris to attend therapy sessions with a psychiatrist two times a week and to submit to random drug testing three times a week.

He could also face additional jail time if he loses his D.C. assault trial, which is set to start in the following months, but this settles the probation issue.

Brown responded "Yes sir," repeatedly to questions Friday including a question about whether he was acknowledging he committed a crime in Washington.

It is unclear whether that will have any impact on Brown's pending case or if it only pertains to the probation terms. In any case, he's got a long road ahead.

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Back in 2009, after the beatdown of Rhianna, you and your mom appeared
on Piers Morgan 's Show and you referred to it as "the situation." With
all of the opportunities that you had after "the situation", and all of the troubles that you have found yourself in, and Now having to sit in lockdown for a couple more months to cool your heels, I dare to wonder if this is just a "situation." You should Not have to be reminded that Rhinna caught a lot of flack for forgiving you and being seen with you. She came under fire for even allowing herself to be photographed with you in her forgiveness. You went off the deep end and showed your wild side after being interviewed on GMA after they gave you a chance to redeem yourself. Hopefully, sitting in a cell alone and Not being so exposed to the trappings of fame, will allow you the opportunity to get your "situation" under control. JUST SAYING!!


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