Beyonce Labeled "Anti-Feminist Terrorist" by Oddly Named Book Scholar

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Not everyone is excited about the On the Run tour.

During a panel discussion about "liberating the black female body" at the New School in New York City this week, famous literary scholar bell hooks (real name: Gloria Jean Watkins) made her feelings about Beyonce very clear.

In response to a fellow panelist saying Beyonce served as an inspiration due to "owning her body and claiming that space," hooks offered up a contrasting viewpoint.

"I see a part of Beyonce that is, in fact, anti-feminist - that is a terrorist, especially in terms of the impact on young girls," the Ain’t I a Woman? author said. "I actually feel like the major assault on feminism in our society has come from visual media and from television and videos."

Bill O'Reilly used different language recently, but made similar points regarding Beyonce.

The Fox News host believes Beyonce is part of the teenage pregnancy problem and that she's a terrible role model for young women due to her lewd music videos and racy song lyrics.

Beyonce, of course, covers the Time 100 cover and is considered one of the world’s most influential people by that publication.

But hooks wonders if the fascination with Beyonce doesn't boil down to one word: MONEY.

She asks: "Would we be at all interested in Beyonce if she wasn't so rich? Because I don't think you can separate her class, power, and the wealth from people's fascination with her, that here is a young black woman who is so incredibly wealthy."

The self-proclaimed feminist them concludes:

"Let's say if Beyonce was a homeless woman who looked the same way, or a poor, down-and-out woman who looked the same way - would people be enchanted by her? Or is it the combination of all of those things that are at the heart of imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy?"

Man. No one tell The Beygency about this.

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