Bill O'Reilly SLAMS Beyonce as Terrible Role Model: Do You Agree?

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Bill O'Reilly doesn't care if Santa is white.

But he does care about the message Beyonce is sending young black girls.

In a Fox News segment wit Russell Simmons this week, the host WENT OFF on Beyonce, trashing the singer as a terrible role model for her track "Partition" and its accompanying, raunchy video.

"Teenage girls look up to Beyonce -- especially girls of color," O'Reilly says. "Why would [Beyonce sing about sex in the backseat of a limo] when she knows the devastation of unwanted pregnancies?"

The single makes a reference to a man going all "Monica Lewinsky" on Beyonce's dress… which is just wrong and gross.

O'Reilly goes on to say that "an entertainer like Beyonce ... has an obligation to protect [kids]."

He refers to this music video as "exploitative garbage that harms impressionable children" and concludes:

"I think that what Beyonce has done here is inexplicable ... what about the kids who don't have amazing [parents]? Beyonce in the back of a limo having sex and referencing Monica Lewinsky is art?"

Not exactly the worst point this commentator has ever made, is it?

Watch the Beyonce video in question now and sound off: Where do you stand on this issue of Beyonce as a role model?


Beyonce is TRASH! No class B that believe IT is some sort of royalty. I hope one day she feels more humiliation than she ever has in her life. She is a phoney, ugly scumbag.


Beyonce is TRASH! No class B that believe IT is some sort of royalty. I hope one day she feels more humiliation than she ever has in her life. She is a phoney, ugly scumbag.


what do you expect from a whore that goes on television and on stage in concert showing her private parts. if everything can be sold for display for money what does that make you? thats why newspaper accurately called here whore. she's the old ancient one trying to decieve you and lead you and your children astray.


hes right she is a bad influence on young impressionable girls. she behaves like a whore thats why newspaper accurately called her one. she goes on television and in concert showing her private parts. if everything is for sale for money and the price of a ticket what does that make you.


I don't see anything wrong with the video. Raise your own kids entertainers'. And the school system should not have to raise your kids spears and Miley. Did a video where they. Were both nude no one said anything why
there is worst on tv n. In the. Movies than beyonces ass.
people get a life
the hell with bill

@ nyc11564

U. R. 100% correct
if this disturbs u don't let yr kids watch tv your parents. Is who kids should look up 2


Maybe he has a point,but it doesn't matter if the artist is black or white. They need to consider their influence on young fans. Frankly,about the video,what's the point!?? I,myself feel like I'm a voyuer to some of Jay-z and Beyoncé's private library. I don't get making it public,for art's sake or not.


Unlike that he/she looking nasty thing Miley, Beyonce is beautiful, sexy and extremely talented. Because she's Black, she expected to be a "role model"? Based on a double-standard society that produces trash like Bill O'Rielly, Rush, Sean & the entire Fox network. BIGOTS don't advise African Americans. We don't give a FUCK what you think, because if she was WHITE Bill wouldn't say shit! So Bill & all of the other aforementioned racist assholes can get in line & kiss ALL of our BEAUTIFUL BLACK BEHINDS! The British paper calls Beyonce a WHORE! Really! Beyonce is she has class! She didn't sing the Nat'l Athem

@ FreedomofSpeech

Maybe you don't remember a time when black music vids didn't all look like some cheap soft porn but the women then had way more class and were still sexy - even Tina Turner knew where to draw the line.

@ Tony C

Thank you as a black i agree Beyonce has set a bad example


She's always been a mere fembot though. And not even a good singer to boot. I actually have to switch over whenever this particular video comes on screen - makes me feel ill. With any luck, this will be the beginning of the end...


I'm no fan of Bill O'Reilly but I have to agree with him on this. Beyonce is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE role model. And, her husband Jay-Z has the face of a horse's ass...LOL!!!!! DUMB AS HELL!!!!!


Yes. They r selling sex, sex & sex. With that comes drugs.

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