Best Singers Ranked According to Vocal Range: Who's the Greatest of All Time?!

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A recent study of past and present pop music sought to rank the greatest singers of all time on the basis of their vocal range.

We think it's safe to say the results are... surprising.

For example, if you can predict ahead of time which two crooners tied for the top spot, well then you, sir or madam, have quite the ear for music.

You should probably replace all three judges on American Idol and produce Caleb Johnson's first number one record.

In other words, you can't predict this list. No one can.

We've all got our ideas of what constitutes good and bad music and this list throws concepts like creative ingenuity, songwriting ability and stage presence right out the window and judges artists solely by the highest and lowest notes they can hit.

So there is a world in which Miley Cyrus and Bob Dylan are ranked side-by-side and you can't even argue against it because,'s science.

Check out the gallery above for some of the more jaw-dropping entries on the list.

Bear in mind, this isn't a comprehensive study of every singer that ever recorded, just a sampling of the top pop singers of the past 50 years, and the way they stack up against one another is sometimes unbelievable.

Surprising revelations include: Katy Perry is a better singer than Taylor Swift? John Lennon and Elvis Presley have the exact same vocal range? Eminem is considered a singer?!

So while John Kaufman won the big prize last night, this list answers the question of who is really The Voice.

The answer(s) are certainly unexpected. As is this pretty decent cover of Dylan's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" by Miley. Maybe they're not so different after all!


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Why is Adam Lambert not included in the list ? He has an amazing vocal range, and his talent is second to none. Just ask Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen. He has performed with them in the past and will begin a North American Tour with them in several weeks. Not too shabby, Huh?


Why is Adam lambert not included in this list? His vocal range is amazing, and his talent is second to none. He has performed with Queen in the past, and is getting ready to start a North American tour with them soon. Not too shabby, huh?

@ Jane

Sorry about the double post, although Adam still deserves the recognition !!


forgot belinda carlisle?


How can Eminem be on this list....he doesn't sing he raps? Very strange list. In spite of how popular she is, how is Taylor Swift even on the list?...not for her voice, surely. The headline shouldn't be "ranked according to vocal range" but "ranked according to air play or popularity" Very strange..


Thanks for the great Miley clip. I'm a Dylan nut and expected to hate it but she does a good job.

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