American Idol Finalists Slam Elimination Night Twist

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That didn't exactly work out as planned, did it?

Producers tried something different on the American Idol results show last night, mixing up the usual format and actually giving the remaining five finalists a choice:

They could delay the elimination until next Thursday and send two singers packing at that time... or they could go about business as usual and say farewell to one crooner at the end of the episode.

To delay the vote reveal, however, all five contestants had to agree.

They did not, Sam Woolf was given the boot and the Internet exploded in outrage.

First, fans of Woolf's lashed out at Alex Preston and Jena Irene, as if either knew who was going home.

Moreover, if they believed themselves to be safe, wouldn't it have been sound strategy to get rid of another singer as soon as possible?

"Stop hating on Alex and Jena. No one knew what the results were before the decisions were made. Anybody could of went home," Woolf Tweeted in defense of his fellow finalists.

As for the reaction of other Idols...

PRESTON: That twist was not cool. Didn't make sense at all. Should have just kept it the same. Whatever. Sam HAS a career, he's about to explode.

IRENE: So unnecessary and stupid.

JESSICA MEUSE: So was that twist reminiscent of the @TheHungerGames or what? #ew #hateit #mean.

What did you think of the twist? Did Sam Woolf deserve to be voted out?


Letting others decide in a contest like this is always going to put the best one in a bad situation because others will always try to get rid of their toughest competition, to make their own job easier, and letting others get rid of what might be the most talented person is NOT a way to run a talent show.


im done watching the idol, I was not going to this year but I did, is the american people want a screaming deamen, instead of a ricky nelson or frank senatra crooner, so be it, this country has enough problems in dope singers,,,,,,,,,,just saying,,,,,,,,,,,sam will prevail,,,,,,,,,,,,


I loved Jess equating to the hunger Games. It does seem that way each week when she has to face the judges. I haven't voted since S8, but voting for Jess this year due to the unfairness of all three judges towards her. Their bias against her disgusts me. WTF is their problem???

@ Spare Me

the way they are acting towards jess is the same way they (cough jlo cough) acted towards haley reinhart (who is my personal favorite idol ever) and colton dixon. they don't give them credit where credit is due. I've been watching this season because I really like the contestants individually but the show is a complete bore and I can't stand jlo and harry. I also couldn't believe it took until Jason mraz came on the show for them to finally get any advice on performing. isn't randy suppose to be giving them this advice?! god, this show is a mess.


Why do you even have an article about A I????? Nobody but NOBODY watches this sinking ship anymore.


I believe this was a ploy made by the host's because I believe they knew Sam was on his way out. Remember the host's Urban,J-lo and Harry as well as Ryan saved Wolf a few weeks back then after seeing Jess at the bottom the last few weeks overcome those votes they didn't want to see it again. They were hoping to get the vote through for next week for two knowing that Jess would be one of them. It didn't work. Wolf in my mind should have been given the boot two weeks ago. Instead we lost two and maybe three better singers because they used the save on a weak and imature proformer for what reason? Jess, my girl has hung in there and no mater what J-lo has said about her has endured and listened and has come on lately to show that she doesn't belong at or even near the bottom. We know J-lo wants Jena and Keith want Caleb. Harry I'm not sure. Maybe Alex?

@ moody

I totally agree. it's like they are trying to force sam into being the heartthrob on the show and act like all the teenage girls love him. clearly they don't if he was sent home not once but TWICE!. I like sam's voice and he would sound good on an album but he isn't cut out for an entertainment show. I hope he gets to grow up a little more and get some experience because he is very talented but he is a complete bore every week. I gave him a chance at the beginning but he is not growing.


I will vote for Jess all the way !! She has the best and most unique voice, I think Jena has a great voice and stage presence but all of my votes will go to Jess here on out. Caleb's voice is average and can only do well when screaming another washed up tune. Alex I love and think he will be very successful. Go back and listen to "Blue Eyed Lie" by Jess, she is a great songwriter and has that voice that gives me "goosies" and I DO NOT GET THEM AS OFTEN AS J-LO lol. Everyone vote for Jess !!!!!!!!!!


Jessica has the best voice. Zero performance ability.


Who cares? They all suck. Send them All packing. Hopefully they get cancelled after this season.

@ Connie

Do you even watch? If you think Caleb sucks - then I want some of whatever you're smokin...

@ Connie

Connie, samething I've been saying lol.

Steve elmore

The question shouldn't be about whether Sam should or shouldn't have been voted off. It was down to 5 - someone was going home. The real question is should the show have been able to just drop that on the contestants. They are working to win this contest. I believe that the show should have went on and the option never brought up. I believe someone should have went home last night. I didn't think it would be Sam, I thought he would make it one more week.


Jena, Caleb, Alex. Top Three.


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