Beyonce Thigh Gap Photoshop Rumors: Did Queen Bey Go There?

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It looks like Beyonce, Queen of all things female empowerment and embracing your body and owning your sexuality, has succumbed to the pressures of photoshop. 

In a recent Instagram share, Beyonce sports a thigh gap likely photoshopped onto her body. Or off of her body, as the case may be.

Instead of her usual bootylicious, kickin' curves, Beyonce's thigh gap is pronounced and also a bit distorted, like perhaps a clone tool was used to whittle away her inner thighs.


Beyonce Thigh Gap Photoshop

Fans have taken to Twitter to call out the singer's apparent use of photoshop in one of her recent "candid" Beyonce photos where she's playing golf barefoot in a bikini.

(Who does that? Queen Bey, apparently, because she runs the world.)

Take a look at what some of them are saying:

  • @mariaa_bee: really @Beyonce? we all love your thick thighs. NO reason to photoshop a thigh gap in there..
  • @JessicaWakeman: With her her money, Beyoncé should be able to pay someone who is better at Photoshop.
  • @rebeccauhh: Did Beyoncé just photoshop herself a thigh gap in her insta pics
  • @JessPerkins_X: Beyoncé uploading photoshopped images to Instagram making her legs look skinner. Tut tut.
  • @TaloushX_P: Quite taken back by the fact beyonce photoshopped her legs #elovedemthickthighs

What do you think? Did Beyonce really photoshop a thigh gap? Or is she just slimmed down from shaking it on her Mrs. Carter World Tour?

Target Photoshop Fail
This might be the worst example of Photoshop in the history of the Internet. Look closely at her crotch.

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